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August 17th, 2014
05:44 PM ET

Teacher remembers Michael Brown

Fredricka Whitfield spoke with a teacher of Michael Brown who paints a picture of the "Gentle Giant" and his demeanor as a student.

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August 17th, 2014
09:46 AM ET

Law Enforcement Analyst on Michael Brown investigation

Tom Fuentes explained the process of the FBI investigation into the case of what happened the day Michael Brown died and how the FBI should be looking at the case.

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August 16th, 2014
02:11 PM ET

MO State Senator: Ferguson Police Chief should resign

In a passionate discussion with Fredricka Whitfield, Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed expressed her views on the Ferguson Police Chief and the St. Louis County Prosecutor. She feels as though it is time for Chief Jackson to resign.

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August 15th, 2014
09:43 PM ET

New video released from convenience store

Brooke Baldwin talks to CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill and Senior Media Correspondent Brian Stelter about the shooting.

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August 14th, 2014
07:50 PM ET

Obama calls for transparency in Missouri

One of the major issues reportedly driving the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri is lack of transparency from the police department.
The anonymity of the officer who shot and killed 18-year old Michael Brown is fueling anger and distrust among the community. Former officer David Klinger talks to Brooke Baldwin about the process involved in this investigation.

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August 13th, 2014
10:23 PM ET

U.S. considers more evacuations in Iraq

An ITN reporter on the ground in Iraq talks with Brooke about the evacuation of Iraqi civilians on the run from ISIS.

August 13th, 2014
10:13 PM ET

Blogger: 'America isn't for black people'

CNN's Brooke Baldwin moderates debate between a law enforcement analyst and a blogger about police brutality and race.

August 12th, 2014
09:12 PM ET

Dying girl's dad 'grateful' to Williams

The father of a girl Robin Williams granted her dying wish talks with CNN's Brooke Baldwin about the day he visited.

August 12th, 2014
09:10 PM ET

Friend: Robin Williams a 'true performer'

Bob Zmuda tells CNN's Brooke Baldwin his friend Robin Williams couldn't handle being one-on-one with another person.

August 12th, 2014
11:57 AM ET

NAACP President condemns violence after Michael Brown's death

NAACP National President, Cornell William Brooks, speaks with Carol about the death of Michael Brown, and the effect it's having on the St. Louis community.

When asked what he would say to potential looters, Mr. Brooks said, "According to Michael Brown's family, this was a young man who never got into a fight, who was non-violent, who had a wonderful sense of humor, and the best way to honor this young man’s memory is by seeking justice non-violently. Let's be clear here, Martin Luther King did not live and die so that the grandsons and granddaughters of the civil rights revolution might seek justice violently. We don't have to do that. We can do so in a non-violent fashion. Most of the young people in these communities have been seeking justice airing their grievances in a constructive way. We need to continue to do that. The NAACP is working with these young people to do that."

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