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April 17th, 2009
04:50 PM ET

President Obama Resurrects The Dead

President Obama is trying to breathe new life into America's economy, but he's already performed a pretty amazing feat ; He's resurrected The Dead–or at least their tour.  The legendary band credits the Commander in Chief for inspiring them to go on tour for the first time in 5 years.   Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann reuinted during Mr. Obama's campaign for  "Deadheads For Obama" performances.  They had so much fun that they're doing a month long tour that started this week.  When we heard about the tour, we knew we had to call up The Dead's drummer Mickey Hart; he's been a frequent guest on CNN NewsRoom with Kyra Phillips talking about his work with the Library of Congress Saving Sounds project. Plus, he's always great to talk with.  Once we were able to roust him from the tour bus, Kyra  talked with Mickey about the band's economic impact and whether tough times had thinned out the throngs of Dead Heads that have made the group one of the world's top concert draws. Watch what happened.