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April 20th, 2009
04:38 PM ET

Survivor of Pirate Attack Tells Story

Kenn Quinn told us cool stuff about what happened when pirates attacked his ship off the coast of Somalia. You may remember he gave Kyra a very dramatic interview on board the ship as the drama was unfolding. Now back home, he tells Kyra what was going on.

April 20th, 2009
03:38 PM ET

Victory Gardens – a Growing Trend

Victory gardens become popular again as more people try to save money. CNN's Fredricka Whitfield explains.

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April 20th, 2009
12:35 PM ET

Remembering Columbine

10 years after the Columbine tragedy - a victim's brother speaks out about his loss, and how he's honoring his sister's memory with a program called "Rachel's Challenge."

April 20th, 2009
11:00 AM ET

10 Years After Columbine

Today marks ten years to the day since the Columbine massacre. Those classmates are now all in their twenties, but memories of the 13 victims live on.
Andrew Robinson knows that first-hand. He was a senior on the day of the shootings. He's now a film maker. And this is how he's dealing with April 20, 1999.

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