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May 9th, 2009
11:24 AM ET

Inner Voice Steers Financial Fate

For months now, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith has been telling us not to get caught up in all the bad economic news. This nationally recognized spiritual leader says there are silver linings and positive lessons that can come from economic hardships. But Weekend AM has a story you likely haven’t heard. Specifically, how Rev. Beckwith was able to get his investments out of the stock market just before it plunged. He says the timing was simple – he heard a “voice”. Who’s voice? Was it God? Divine intervention? Betty Nguyen recently interviewed Rev. Beckwith at his home in Los Angeles to find out.

The next week, the stock market took a nose dive. Remember, this is the man we’ve seen on Oprah and Larry King Live ~ talking about faith, not finances. Yet, he says his experience is applicable to us all. Why? Because it focuses on socially responsible investing. We want to hear what you think. Let us know and be sure and join us for Sunday at 7:15 am to hear Betty's interview with Rev. Beckwith.

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  1. GK Pace

    Sometimes God works in mysterious ways, but mostly he works through people, who go un recognized. For example this case of Rev Beckwith claiming God advised him... truth is, Natalie Pace advised him, and goes un recognized for doing so.

    So if God directed the good reverend, he did so through the "angel" Natalie... and others can recieve the same good advice by listening to what she has to say.

    Credit to God if you will, but acknowledge the means and path of delivery!

    GK Pace

    May 18, 2009 at 7:40 pm |
  2. Sammie Howard

    I am appalled that a man of Reverend Beckwith's reputation has stooped to the position of trying to elevate his status by claiming he was advised by God to sell his stock.

    It is not a secret that Reverend Beckwith is a friend of #1 Stock Picker Natalie Pace and that he wrote the forward to her book "Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is." Ms. Pace not only advised Mr. Beckwith and other subscribers to purchase the stocks, she also advised him, and them, to sell the stock after it had tripled in value. She repeatedly warned her subscribers, including Reverend Beckwith, about the risk of recession and the risk of holding onto the stock longer.

    If God intended to enrich Reverend Beckwith by "telling" him when to sell his stock, I believe He would have "told" him to sell the stock nine months earlier, which is when Ms. Pace advised him to sell. At that time he would have earned a much more substantial profit than he did on September 29, 2008.

    It is exceedingly misleading and disappointing for Reverend Beckwith to claim that God told him when to sell the stock when he was actually advised by an honest, hard-working, entrepreneurial author and ezine owner who spends many, many hours researching and analyzing data so that she can successfully help her subscribers make and retain stock market earnings.

    May 19, 2009 at 2:22 pm |
  3. Denise Rhodes

    Is Michael Bernard Beckwith a fraud? Many know that he received stock advise from Natalie Pace. Yes, God may have approved that advise but he should not ignore the fact that Natalie Pace, Author of "Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is", directly gave him that advise.

    I believe that God has a hand in everything. However, I feel that Mr. Beckwith has fallen short of the stature of a spirtual leader by not also crediting Natalie Pace with saving his investments. His claims smack with deception and I am deeply disappointed in him.

    May 19, 2009 at 8:28 pm |
  4. cespreit

    I have learned that when you cultivate a spiritual relationship with God (or what you choose to call The Divine) you probably will begin to understand what Reverand Beckwith is talking about. This isnt a judgement about anyone who doesnt understand or hasnt cultivated this relationship, just a suggestion of where you might want to start looking. Im starting to understand because I am starting to develop that relationship by daily prayer & meditation as he suggests. Good Luck to all who understand and act on his (Rev. Beckwith) message!

    November 16, 2010 at 10:46 am |