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June 5th, 2009
05:23 PM ET

The Neighborhood Found Him First

It's a heinous crime that's left a child traumatized, and a city up in arms. The suspect is in custody after a vigilante beatdown. You might've seen the surveillance video by now.

But unless you're a local, you probably haven't heard from the parents of the 5th grade girl. Stalked, threatened, and violated to the point that she needed surgery. Found crumpled on the sidewalk, bleeding and crying.

This was our lead story at 2(ET); Kyra spoke to Clifford Reynolds, the little girl's dad, and the Philadelphia police officer who'd announced a reward for the suspect's apprehension.

By the way - the two guys who split that reward? They donated some of the money back to the little girl, and some to the police survivors' fund.



June 5th, 2009
05:07 PM ET

The 30 Second Pitch:Billboard Man Finds Job

Sometimes you just have to think outside the box and beyond a resume to get a job. The Wisconsin man who rented a billboard to find work did just that and became our first 30 Second Pitch. We are proud to report that Mark Heuer now has a job! Here's Kyra's follow up with him:

June 5th, 2009
01:57 PM ET

Don't wanna work? Just 'tarp'

We always love it when a viewer sends us a great story idea. So our hats are off to Salvatore Paradise, who sent a story suggestion to Josh Levs’ Facebook page. The suggestion: that we check out how people are defining financial terms over at

Good for us all to find some humor in the rough economy – especially on a Friday.

How do you define financial terms? Post in comments below, and we just might share some on the air.

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June 5th, 2009
12:55 PM ET

Have I Got a Deal for You... in Vegas

This weekend in the CNN Newsroom... Betty Nguyen goes house-hunting in Las Vegas. She boards a tour bus that goes through the city scouting not just good deals, but great deals. In fact, some homes are going for as low as $25,000!

How long will this incredible housing market last in Las Vegas? Find out Saturday morning in the CNN Newsroom with Betty Nguyen and TJ Holmes, beginning 6am ET/ 3am PT.

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