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June 11th, 2009
08:08 PM ET

Fleeing Suspect Kills 3 Kids and Woman In Philadelphia

A very sad story out of Philadelphia today.

A young mother and three small children were killed when a vehicle involved in a motorcycle robbery jumped a curb and crashed into a crowd of people Wednesday’s night.

Two men were arrested on armed robbery charges, but could also face homicide charges in the four deaths. Police say it started with the two men stealing a motorcycle at gunpoint. One suspect took off on the motorcycle and the other in the car.

Police Commissioner Chuck Ramsey tells Tony Harris Thursday that the vehicle stuck at an extremely high speed, but makes it clear that this was not a police chase.

June 11th, 2009
08:44 AM ET

Holocaust Museum Shooting: Honoring slain guard

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="Stephen Tyrone Johns was shot and killed while working at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on Wednesday."] The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is closed today to honor a security guard who was shot to death on Wednesday afternoon. The museum is flying its flags at half-staff in honor of Stephen T. Johns. People who worked with him called him "Big John" - because he was well over six feet tall.

Police say James von Brunn walked into the museum with a rifle and just started firing - and Johns didn't have enough time to react. "There are no words to express our grief and shock over these events," the museum said in a statement, describing Johns as "an outstanding colleague who greeted us every day with a smile. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Johns' family."

Officer Johns served on the Museum's security staff for six years. According to the Washington Post, the he leaves behind a son and wife.

People around the world are posting tributes to Officer Johns. Please send us your thoughts on this hero's death. Our own Joshua Levs will be tracking your posts and reading some of those live on the air.

Post your tributes to Officer Johns here:

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June 11th, 2009
07:55 AM ET

One Hour to make a difference

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption=""][cnn-photo-caption image= caption=""]

At the 'Olcott School' in Chennai, India, disadvantaged children are given a chance at an education. They also find a refuge from a difficult life, and chance to believe they are worthy. This belief is instilled each morning, as the Principal leads the full school in a song about equality.

This is partly made possible through the support of a unique fundraising effort called Work An Hour. Each summer, this online fundraising campaign by Asha For Education, asks participants to donate an hour's worth of their salary.

This helps the  'Olcott School' afford the qualified instructors it needs. For the children, this provides more than just the uniform and other supplies that many of the struggling families cannot afford. It also offers them a sense a pride in themselves and their education.

To learn more about Asha for Education and other organizations that are helping children, please visit our Impact Your World page.

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June 11th, 2009
07:26 AM ET

Closer to Custody

From Writer-Producer Doug Furnad

Here's the latest on a story we've been telling you about for a couple of weeks now.
Brazil's Supreme Court has decided to stay out of the custody battle over a 9-year old boy, keeping him from retuning to the United States with his birth father - for now.
The boy will stay in Brazil with his Brazilian stepfather, while a separate court hears another appeal.
Brazil's high court says it has no jurisdiction in the case.
The last ruling from the lower court said David Goldman of New Jersey could get his son Sean back.
Coming up in the CNN Newsroom with Heidi Collins today, we'll talk again to New Jersey Congressman Chris Smith, who has called for action against Brazil, including the removal of Brazil from a duty-free trade program.
Smith joins us at 10:30am eastern this morning to talk about the case, and about what he hopes to achieve by threatening Brazil's trade status.

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