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June 28th, 2009
10:57 PM ET

"Now" Media

Mega breaking news stories such as Iran and Michael Jackson have allowed Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to encroach on the realm of mainstream news media. CNN's Don Lemon talks with expert James Andrews of about the phenomenon, which he calls Now Media.

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  1. Kim-Ha Albert in Seattle

    It is nothing short of SHAMEFULL that CNN exploit the death of a popular singing icon ALL DAY LONG SUNDAY and allow Don Lemon to reduce you to THE MICHAEL JACKSON show, in order to enhance it's ratings, and neglect it's primary duty of being THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN NEWS, by failing to produce more important substance on Iraq, Iran's Involvement in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, the Taliban, and recent developments in Homeland Security! You always do this when some celebrity dies, and that action does not allow for Americans to be informed on IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS on other fronts! Thank God for the BBC! In America, if you want good news, it's STILL NPR & BBC! If you wind mindless HYPE, CNN is the first name in EMPTY FLUFF!

    June 28, 2009 at 11:15 pm |
  2. AV

    The Honduran people needs to be heard! We are all in favor of democarcy, and believe that what happened today helps us move forward since our latest president Mel Zelaya was just following Chavez and Fidel Castro´s footsteps. People around the world need to know that the other powers of the state had declared his actions illegal, and the military complied with the instruction of Congress by revoking his power. We all need international backup so Mel Zelaya does not come back to the country as president. It is important that you get all the evidence of how he acted illegaly and was putting democracy at risk since he wanted to stay in power perpetually like the presidents I mention. I think presidents around the world need to consider all the evidence, learn about our constitution and not back him up. We now hear that our late president is bringing troops into the country tomorrow with the help of is this helpful to the democratic procedures? And also consider that all powers of government asked for dialogue with him, Church also tried to push for dialogue and he never cooperated. Now he has become the victim and the world backs him up, and now of courses he wants dialogue, he´s just putting on a show for all of you. Put yourselves in our position and believe me you would all support what happened today...for you, for your kids...having a President perpetualluy will make us even have to go and buy things like meat at the black market...just look how Cuba and Venezuela live...nobody wants that in Honduras. Please let us blog in cnnenespanol...I couldnt find it. Thank you

    June 28, 2009 at 11:48 pm |