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July 14th, 2009
09:27 AM ET

Today's National Weather


  • Postponed until Wednesday at 6:03 p.m.
  • Probability of weather delaying the launch drops from 60 percent to 40 percent tomorrow

  • Very hot temperatures will continue across the south central U.S. through the week
  • High temps in the triple digits
  • Heat indices 105-110 degrees

  • Severe storms possible today in Iowa, Minnesota and northern Missouri
  • Large hail will be the primary threat. Damaging winds and isolated tornadoes will also be possible later this afternoon and evening.
  • If you see severe weather, send video or pictures to You can also send us tweets to cnnweather.

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    1. suhail khan

      america being sandwiched between two ocean gets a cocktail from mother nature.Saying that again lucky to be one of the few countries 2 b blessed with so many weather stations optimum or near 2 perfect fore casting can only achieved by having a forecast station every 40 square mile well thats 2 many weather station.LOW pressure area better high pressure area at lest whatever it is will blow away.never underestimate the power of WIND WATER AND FIRE................

      July 14, 2009 at 9:37 am |
    2. Jean

      It is extremely sad to hear of the kind and loving couple of Florida who adopted 16 physically challenged children were murdered by approximately six men who entered their homes to steal, some of whom, if not all of them had worked for them. This news no doubt has rocked and shocked the entire world. Why, oh why did this have to happen to them, everyone who is specifically law-abiding people including myself ask.
      My many words are insufficient to express my sadness at such heartless actions. Surely, they did not deserve to die such an unnatural and terrible death. This was a well-planned premeditated crime and murders. These men, with no exception deserve the death penalty. Life in prison at the expense of taxpayers dollars is too good for them. Also at the expense of taxpayers, they will have defense lawyers who will try to successfully defend them. There is absolutely no excuse for crimes and murders, going out of their way, to citizens homes, breaking and entering, stealing from them and murdering them.
      Citizens should be allowed to live in happiness, dignity and peace to enjoy their hard-earned dollars.
      Criminals/murderers want to live and be treated with dignity yet they will not accord other people as their victims to live likewise. I have no sympathy for those men. Execute them. They do not deserve to live for what they have done, depriving such good people of their lives. It just is not fair. If it were possible, they should be executed as soon as possible. May the Law not be lenient towards them for the grave crime/grievous sins, murders that they committed.
      May the soul of these loving couple rest in peace. God has them in His care.

      July 14, 2009 at 2:44 pm |
    3. Martin in Shoreline, WA

      What happened to Jack Cafferty? He just disappeared last Friday, and has not been back since. I hope he is back soon. He is one of the few people who still manage to keep me interested in CNN.

      July 14, 2009 at 3:00 pm |
    4. wendie

      Could we get some real investigative reporting on MJJ death? Connecting the dots,,,Some primary issues of concern, are being overlooked!


      Everyone who has ever worked in concert production KNOWS this well: The Concert Production Company INSURES Talent: i.e. (a) in case they cancel or do not appear and (b) are injuired or (c) they die.
      This insurance covers all of the liability for the Production Company for any “losses”.

      IN PERSPECTIVE: Why is this relevant? Why should we be looking in this direction? LaToya just may have a point!

      IF, as is usual, the coverage in this case may well be worth more than the cost to return price of sold tickets, and Michael was nervous about 50 shows vx. 10 shows….WHO BENEFITS?????

      These concerts were sold out, and I have not heard about any monies being returned.


      TRIPLE DIP????

      !1) Monies collected for sold out concerts, retained by production company.
      (2) Mones to be collected by insurance policy covering ther performer…this is why he had “the physical” , folks! In death, this amount usually escalates. How much did they insure him for in this policy?
      (3) Mones to be made: 100 plus hours, tribute concerts, etc.


      Yes, royalties to the estate still apply. But, just think about all of the moines that WILL NOT BE NEEDED NOW IN THE BUDGET!

      While coverage continues, and LaToya has been mocked as a conspiracy theorist, she just might have a point!

      Follow the money trail! BEGIN with the Insurance Policy for the Concert Series. Do a forensic audit of same, in tandem with an expert analysis of “the physical that he passed with flying colors”.

      Things are not adding up…with the exception of revenues adding up for those who last exploited him.

      I am just curious. Did they ever get a signed approval from MJ for the fifty concert extension????

      And, another thing: Who did the physical that he “passed with flying colors” for the Concert Insurance Policy? Was it the same doctor as the one who was “living in”; then disappeared? Hmmmm

      A friend and fellow Lupus Sufferer.

      July 14, 2009 at 11:02 pm |
    5. Anomynus

      when i heard about michael jacksons death, i was shocked. but when i turned on CNN two weeks later and saw michael jacksons face i was like, whatever. i think that it was sad and sudden, but c'mon. do we nned to talk about it for three weeks. yes, it's sad. yes, it gets peoples attention, but i think that we can driop it now. it's old news. everyone in the world heard about it. i wnet to a counrty in europe and saw this memorial thingy around this tree w/flowers and pics. everywhere u go, people r playing his music and stuff like that. i don't even think that people made this big of a deal about john lennon dying or elvis. we are thinking of the thigns that he did 30 yrs ago. but r we remebering a child molestor and someone who had 13 plastic surgeries, just for the perfect image? i think he should keep the face God gave him and not something a doctor gave him. uh, no!

      i also thought that it was sad when i heard about the Iranian plane crashing. i feel bad for the families of all the lives that were lost. u r in my prayers! 🙂

      July 15, 2009 at 1:11 pm |

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