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August 19th, 2009
10:39 AM ET

"Nothing Stops a Bullet Like a Job..." *

*That's the motto of Homeboy Industries - an L.A. non-profit that gives gangbangers an alternative to street life, and helps them get OUT. The group provides everything from education, to job training and placement, to mental health counseling... even tattoo removal.

Homeboy does a lot of good, for individuals and for the community. But as it says on their website, "Homeboy needs help."

Kyra talked to Father Greg Boyle, the group's founder, and David Oropeza, an ex-gang member.

(For more information about Homeboy Industries, or to make a donation, click here.)



August 19th, 2009
10:37 AM ET

Health Care Reform: No Compromise?

Should Democrats and the White House move forward without Republican support?

The health care fight could be headed for a major shift in strategy.

Sources tell CNN Democrats and the White House may be preparing to push through health care reform without Republican support.

So what do you think? Should they go it alone?

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August 19th, 2009
08:54 AM ET

No More Anonymity for Bloggers?

A N.Y. judge ruled that Google has to identify a blogger who wrote some nasty things about model Liskula Cohen. Cohen went to court after a user of Google’s blogging service,, created a site called “Skanks in NYC.” The blog featured photos of Cohen with insulting captions. The judge ruled that Google had to turn over any identifying information it had (in this case an IP address and an e-mail address) on this blogger, and Google has complied.

Cohen’s attorney said he was “happy that the court recognizes that the Internet is not a place where people can freely defame people.”

But the blogger’s attorney said the ruling has “potentially damaging implications for free speech on the Internet.”

Google said it will continue its policy of divulging information only when ordered to do so by a court.

So what do you think? Should bloggers be allowed to remain anonymous, no matter what they say? They are often offensive, but they’ve also helped make the internet what it is today.

Post your comments below.

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August 19th, 2009
08:53 AM ET

Going It Alone...

Democrats are now saying they may “go it alone” – and push through a health care reform bill without any Republican support.

What do you think about this strategy?

Post your comments here.

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