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August 21st, 2009
07:49 PM ET

"Oh my gosh. I gave birth to a cow."

Today's BackStory segment was certainly a talker:

The entire newsroom stopped to gawk. We got a mess o' tweets, the minute it ended. It's already made the blogs.

If you saw it, then you know why. If you didn't, well, settle in for some bovine birthin'!



UPDATE: I just found out that Deb Feyerick and her crew actually got to name the calf. Welcome to the world, Norma Jean!


August 21st, 2009
03:48 PM ET

Chicago's Deadly Streets: How to Stop the Teen Violence

School children have been dying in alarming numbers in Chicago, many of them from the city's South Side. CNN's Don Lemon sat down with U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan to discuss possible solutions. Before being tapped by President Obama to head the Education Department, Duncan was CEO of the Chicago Public Schools, so he brings a personal perspective to the issue.

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August 21st, 2009
09:17 AM ET

Your Summer Photos

You sent us your Summer photos to, and here they are!

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August 21st, 2009
08:18 AM ET

The Sounds of the Summer

Summer 2009 is slipping away fast, soon to be just a memory. So how about a little more fun before it’s gone! We want to know what song best sums up your ’09 summer – the one that’ll bring you back when you hear it again years from now.

Tell us about it. We’ll go down the list, and maybe even try to play a few of them on air!

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August 21st, 2009
07:47 AM ET

No More Cash for Your Clunkers

The Cash for Clunkers program ends Monday.

Through this past Wednesday, dealers reported more than 457,000 transactions under the program – which translated into $1.9 billion in rebates.

Auto sales are up – and some carmakers are even re-opening closed plants to keep up with the new demand.

But – lots of dealers are complaining that the government is slow to process rebate checks. And that’s putting the dealers in a financial lurch.

That's the brief version of the story. Your turn now.

What are your thoughts on the Cash for Clunkers program? Was it a success? A failure? Should the government do it again? Should the government never have done it at all?

Post your comments below.

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