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October 3rd, 2009
09:32 PM ET

Chicago Teen Laid to Rest

CNN's Fredricka Whitfield takes a look at what's going on in Chicago
in light of the beating death of 16-year-old Derrion Albert.

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October 3rd, 2009
09:23 PM ET

Chicago's Gun Ban Challenged

CNN's Fredricka Whitfield talks with lead plaintiff and attorney
in case challenging Chicago's ban on handguns.

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October 3rd, 2009
09:05 PM ET

Chicago's Gun Ban Challenged

Not only the nation, but the world's attention has been focused on Chicago this week.

The Windy City has made news for losing its bid for the 2016 Olympics and for the violence that's left young people like Derrion Albert dead.

The rampant violence is one reason some Chicago residents say they
should be allowed to own handguns. Now, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear their case that challenges the city's ban on handguns.

CNN's Fredricka Whitfield talks to attorney Avery Friedman about the case.

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October 3rd, 2009
08:45 PM ET

How to Get What You Want

CNN's Fredricka Whitfield talks to author Debra Shigley about advice for young women on getting what they want out of life and work.

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October 3rd, 2009
07:47 PM ET

It's Their Party: BackStory From Beijing

When our correspondents go out to do interviews and collect video elements for a piece, it can take hours and hours. All to produce a two- to three-minute package.

In this week's BackStory segment, we got a look at John Vause & crew's very early morning... and very tight restrictions... as they covered China's National Day celebrations.



October 3rd, 2009
05:41 PM ET

Bombshell revelation in Polanski sex scandal

A prosecutor does a big "flip-flop" in the Roman Polanski child sex case. He says he lied, spicing up the story for a documentary. We asked our legal minds if it's a bombshell - or no big deal.



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October 3rd, 2009
04:37 PM ET

Making a Lasting Impression on Students

It is a school that makes kids want to learn. The innovative techniques used at the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta has educators across the country wanting to do the same. Our T.J. Holmes took a tour of the school to see what makes it stand out from the rest.

October 3rd, 2009
10:22 AM ET

Levs' links for Saturday, Oct. 3

I mention a lot of links on the air, and like to make them easy for you to find.

So, here are some key sites we're showing you today in the Newsroom:

Vote for CNN Hero of the Year:

"Best Places to Live 2009" – ranking the "best" towns in the U.S.:

Rio's plans for 2016:

Chicago's "Thank You":

What happens to Olympic stadiums?,29307,1927333_1957182,00.html

More links to come...

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October 3rd, 2009
04:19 AM ET

What do you think? Are workplace relationships ever ok?

"Late Show" host David Letterman admits having sex with female staff members and claims he was the victim of an extortion plot. When talking about this story it opened up the discussion, is it ever ok to have a consensual sexual relationship with a coworker? Tell us your thoughts. We may air some of them this morning in the CNN Newsroom.

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October 3rd, 2009
04:01 AM ET

Ahead in the CNN Newsroom...

TJ Holmes spent the day at the Ron Clark Academy last week when teachers from all over the world came to the school to learn their model. These teachers are taking what they learned back to their school systems. We take a look at the non-traditional teaching methods producing phenomenal results, and what makes this school so innovative.

Despite a personal pitch from President Barack Obama, Chicago is out - Rio de Janeiro is in as host of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Our Josh Levs checks out how both cities are responding - online.

Typhoon Parma is bearing down on the Philippines, less than a week after then-Tropical Storm Ketsana caused devastating floods.

Samoa and Indonesia - reeling from their own natural disasters this week. We'll get an update.

Join Betty Nguyen, TJ Holmes, Reynolds Wolf and Josh Levs in the CNN Newsroom beginning 6am ET/ 3am PT.

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