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October 11th, 2009
05:15 PM ET

Sigourney Weaver's Staying Power

Who doesn't admire staying power? When I learned I'd be interviewing actress Sigourney Weaver, lots of things ran through my mind:

"Alien," the movies starting in 1979. Her height. Her seemingly consistent steely demeanor. Then fast forward. Her recent role in the over-the-top hilarious movie "Baby Mama." Wow, what a transition. And wow, what longevity in the entertainment industry. In "Baby Mama" she played a, shall we say, later-in-life expectant mother determined to make the baby-making dreams of every other woman possible. But all in a stoic yet humorous way. So while the focus of my interview with her would be about her longtime commitment to save and rescue mountain gorillas in Africa, I was anxious to talk about those film things I just mentioned. But I also knew I needed to be consious of the on-air time allotted for the interview. Most importantly, I've got to get in the very serious gorilla discussion with a new East African facility about to open and an Animal Planet show about to air. Two and a half minutes into our on-air chat about gorillas, yes, she gave me a perfect segue into "Baby Mama" and "Aliens." So the turn was made. Perfectly delightful, warm, and engaging, Ms. Weaver jumped right in. Chuckling along with me about the fun and quirkiness of her "Baby Mama" drama and at the same time forever embracing the ageless command of "Aliens"' Ripley. No grass growing under her feet. She says she's got five movie projects coming out this winter.

You go!

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