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October 22nd, 2009
09:19 PM ET
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  1. jim vicalvi

    First off, I agree that releasing these people is a travesty of justice and if anyone is harmed in the future these judges? should be sued and have to pay for THEIR crime.
    However, valez-mitchell's rant about a war on woman and her other rants were also a travesty. These people didn't just rape women. There were other crimes committed and dealt with the meaning of "life". Your station screams about other media types that fixate on one subject and this person is no better and somehow seems to try and lessen the severity of the other crimes committed. Get a life girl and take the blinders off.

    October 23, 2009 at 3:59 pm |
  2. Marcus

    Actually, a lot of their sentences were calculated to give them this release date. I live in NC, and people think they just want to reduce population, but that is not it. Here in Greensboro they are building a new prison, so that is not it at all. Their sentences with good behavior has caused them to get released early, and now the Governor is upset because they have served their time. She is holding them up from moving on with their lives, and yes some of them committed serious crimes, but here in NC that is the way the law was written. Coincidentally, 20 people will get out the same time. I'm not worried about it and if you see the men they are harmless now.

    October 24, 2009 at 8:03 am |