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October 31st, 2009
04:59 AM ET

Happy Halloween!

Halloween has become the 2nd most popular holiday in America after Christmas. How do you and your family celebrate? Any special traditions, costumes or parties? Are you a master pumpkin carver? Leave your comments below. We may use some of them this morning in the CNN Newsroom.

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  1. Andrea Wallick

    I decorate our front porch and light pole with giant spiders, pumpkins, metal skeletons in the grass and other ghoulish things. I add a new addition to the decorations each year. Something fun to look at as people walk or drive by our place. On Halloween we light the pumpkins and I still dress up. Usually as a witch. I love Halloween and I miss going out for trick or treating.

    October 31, 2009 at 5:18 am |
  2. doug

    Scholastic theme? C'mon, Betty – you can do better than that. I think a photo will be in order for tomorrow's show.

    All the best!

    October 31, 2009 at 10:23 am |
  3. Paige DePoe

    We have always tried to make it fun and a little spooky for the kids, young and old! This year my daughter carried on the traditions: spiderwebs along the walk to the house, ghoulish mannequins and skeletons that speak on the porchposts; strobe lights; bats in the windows, jack'o'lanterns on the stoop, spiders on strings all eerily visible through the mist from the smoke machine :)..and of course, all were in full costume to hand out the goods! An afterparty, always; this year found a cauldron of witches brew, graveyard cakes, wormy cupcakes, marathon horror flicks, and the inside of the house turned into a macabre chamber of horrors complete with bloody footsteps leading to the bathroom where one enter only if they dare ! body parts and splatters everywhere ! In Toms River, NJ where she lives-trick or treat is always on Mischief night; Halloween is reserved by all to attend the Halloween night parade throught downtown Toms River!
    Happy Haunting !

    October 31, 2009 at 11:00 am |
  4. William Courtland

    Holidays have some funny type of thing to them don't they.

    The traditions held a thing of wonder, when offered to creation, a form of art towards or of religion, yet the traditions separated from religion into a personal belief upon the effects of life. Now these traditions do often comes with an expense, this a type of homage to life.

    Take Christmas, the idea of a street loaded with lights, this not only a tool of holiday expression, but the glow it gives the neighbourhood can actually reverse the winterizing effect of cabin fever or seasonal associated disorders. The Christmas tree, a symbol, yet pagan in origin, the idea of the kids collecting the pop-corn, which was held over a fire until it exploded in a delightful action, the cranberries needed to be deseeded and thus many leftovers were found needed to just be dried. The Tree brought in to eleviate the odoriferious stenches of periodic thaws, so to throw a dried branch of a pine onto the fire and block the chimmey for a moment.

    In community the light bearer would carry a torch and be excellent at kindling a fire for the townsfolk. This Atlantian lore and not of Santa Claus of the North Pole(north American legend: post Author of Stonehenge. His legend found by boughts of Northern tribesmans journeys, and those of galloping Meditarrenean civilizations of their own myths.

    Santa, who rescued the merefolk for a time, and with them in tow to help bring his toys back to the Northern planes of Civilization, after a long journey to the lands through the northern passage, with reindeer in sleigh, and a long dog ride, then to catch a moose. for packing...

    To domesticate in stations, the natives of that realm were hard and indifferent to sendentary living styles, their own history abhorring it due to constant complications of life in a jungle...

    To travel to the north and gather many of the old toys of old Atlantis so to return them for sale in Northern Europe and Russia... But of these little sprites that Santa Had.

    Immortalized into fear by Grelim's, yet refined to absolute cuteness when dry. Those Homo-floreniensis we once lived beside in Atlantis, so to only see in prophecy the waters rising, and cause armies of men to be led against those folk of the shore, to be cast and murdered from the edges of our civilization, for they would not take back the curse they placed upon the waters: as they rose from the draining of the ices of an age long ago, where now land is revealed and the rivers run torrent.

    The Merefolk, so to Hallowe'en, or all Saints Day which follows. To have something out for the little sprites which came once with Santa, and to offer them a treat of local fair with which to take back to them and so gain more toys. The hope that such creatures would come out if they all dressed and made merry like them...

    Fires were starting, while no one knew it was just a new type of candle that whould drip burning wax, but instead they cast the Santas Russian tribe of the Merefolk to the wind... They murdered almost them all, then with the attempts to escape, to cross a prior Epoch of Egypt and so to be immortalized in memory: as captive and remains lie in the Egyptian Temple found burried in the Pyramids structures...

    The homage paided to these creatures... in Ancient Mexico structures were built to offer them extreme safety, sacrifices were made to give back and so to offer a return for sols... the Crystal skulls a product of an much more ancient society, they products of supreme patience and natural heat; yet spawned local tribes which owned them to hunt heads for the hope of gaining another: any outsider would assumed to possibly have such a skull...

    Hallowe'en, Devil's nights, all Saints day... Eucharist is of Thor, to Arthor, the first scribe of the Britian... Days named after them...

    To have truth in history, look to the oldest traditions, the rights forgotten, the druidic hope and the celtic freedom... Christian praises, and jewish methods... To catch them all, yet they will not all let you join if and when you join a different one, so you remain without; and find the freedom of faith in civilization.

    Can you brave your fear: and be that which would make your skin crawl? Therapy? Look a human child sized spider: right over there...

    October 31, 2009 at 1:45 pm |