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December 1st, 2009
10:36 AM ET

Track the War Online

This is one of my favorite sections on It tells you so much about the state of the war and the larger story of Afghanistan. Learn who the key players are in the country today, follow its complex (and often turbulent) history, and see photos of everyday life all over the country.
One of the most important sections: remembering the fallen. See the troops who gave their lives in this war, from around the world. There have been more than 1500 coalition deaths - more than 900 of them Americans.

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December 1st, 2009
08:59 AM ET

Decision: Afghanistan

In a speech tonight, President Obama will outline his next step for the war in Afghanistan. He is expected to call for sending at least 30 thousand more troops into the war zone and seek further troop commitments from NATO allies. It’s all part of a counterinsurgency strategy to wipe out al Qaeda elements and stabilize the country, while training Afghan forces.

We want you to share your views on the President’s new war strategy.

Post your comments and Heidi will read some of them in the Newsroom between 10 and 11am ET.

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December 1st, 2009
08:48 AM ET

Weighing in on Afghanistan

The President announced his plan for moving forward in Afghanistan and now we want to hear from you.

Leave us a comment, tell us what you thought about the speech and the new strategy. Also check out our iReport assignment: More Troops in Afghanistan?

Then watch for your comments on the air in the CNN Newsroom, 11am — 1pm ET.

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