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December 24th, 2009
10:47 AM ET

30-Second Pitch: McCard & Logan

Fragrance chemist Paul McCard and H.R. consultant Mia Logan were our latest :30 Pitchers.

Unfortunately, due to technical problems with the encoding of last Thursday's shows, we're not able to post their video clips. Our HUGE apologies to Paul and Mia.

If you've got a job opportunity for Paul, you can e-mail him here.

If you have a job for Mia, you can e-mail her here.

And if you need a job & would like to be considered for a :30 Pitch, e-mail us:


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  1. Dana Kokubun

    dudes, this is really important stuff here...let me clarify something about spam and hawaii. we eat it, but delicacy? come on . . . we're not a bunch of camping cub scouts... 🙂

    December 24, 2009 at 2:16 pm |
  2. James Youngblood

    I want to part of the 30 Second Pitch. Please allow me to email you my resume.

    December 24, 2009 at 2:45 pm |
  3. Keith Miks

    Larry King did my :30 second pitch for me on his LIVE show –

    December 24, 2009 at 4:34 pm |
  4. elaine

    Dear Kyra:

    Thank you for your report on the lack of confrimation of the head of TSA by one lone Republican. I think it is unconscionable that he would allow his personal feelings to interfere with the well-being of the American public. I cannot conceive of ANY American worker that would not do their job when the safety of the public is at stake. Mr. Dimint is disingenerous in blocking this nomination. It is about politics with him in an effort to try to bring the president down by blocking his agenda. Mr. Dimint seems selfish, self-centered and self-absorbed and only care about scoring political points.

    Do not let up on this story.

    December 29, 2009 at 2:35 pm |
  5. John Goodman

    When you tune in any news show, the common topic is the latest terrorist attempt
    to kill human beings on American soil, or kill anything associated with the
    United States. To make matters worse, the job of the head of the TSA is vacant;
    and will be, at least until Washington starts back in about three weeks to
    confirm the candidate. But what I really what to talk to you about is a
    (partial) sollution that can be enabled now if just someone will listen to me-
    the common person,"Joe Schmo". I have a three prong plan that has been named
    "Operation Detour". STEP ONE- The FAA; and the equivalent in international
    countries, needs either to LIMIT OR ABOLISH E TICKETS and the ability to print
    the boarding pass from any computer in the world. That means that if I'm a
    terrorist getting ready to bring down a plane, I have my purchase made, and know
    my conformation number, I could print my boarding passes while sitting in an Al
    Kheida training camp? It just doesn't make sense. Yes, stopping e tickets would
    inconveinance travelers back with longer lines, but we lived without e tickets
    right up to the recent technology-and we survived it. Longer waits and stopping
    the threat outweighs a short nice stroll to the gate with a terrorist onboard.
    Of course the crux of STEP ONE is the point that now passengers would now NEED
    TO GO THROUGH THE TICKET COUNTER CHECK-IN, with one big difference. The TSA, the
    FAA and other related agencies would now have security and behavorial specialist
    in front of and behind the counter standing near the check in person and the
    airline worker. This would allow for a preliminary screening(contact) with the
    passengers early in the cycle before boarding. Yes, more security, K-9's, ect.
    would be hired increasing ticket prices. The ticket counter must now be VIEWED
    AS SECURITY CHECKPOINT ONE. STEP TWO- After a passenger is cleared through Step
    One, they move on to the BOARDING PASS and ID CHECK. The problem now is at many
    airports, it's just one person sitting on a bar stool or lecturn initialing that
    the picture in the ID looks like the passenger-that's it? Most security at this
    checkpoint don't even have a magnifying glass. This second checkpoint needs to
    be more formidable. There should be some questions asked like" Birthdate", or
    other questions that only the real person would likely know. If the passenger
    doesn't know the obvious questions, or if officials feel that something just
    isn't right, that passenger would be stopped from proceeding any farther than
    CHECKPOINT TWO, and taken for further questioning and searches. Currently, the
    only thing CHECKPOINT TWO says to you right now is hello, and have a good
    day.The person(s) checking boarding passes and ID's, and the security with them,
    need to be TSA trained-not someone hired from outside by the airport to be a
    security person.This station should be the PERMANENT K-9 station, while another
    is both roaming the ticket counter area and the final checkpoint. The ID
    CHECKPOINT is a much more orderly, less hectic line for the K-9 than the final
    stage where everything is going in tubs plus the luggage scattered about, shoes
    flying around, ect.. A dog could not get to every single piece of luggage, tubs,
    and people at the final point- and eventually, someone with criminal intent
    would get through. STEP 3- THE FINAL CHECKPOINT. The ability to improve
    technology in the detection of explosive materials needs a huge step forward and
    I'm confident that the powers to be are on top of this. The one HUGE ADDITION
    THAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN at the final checkpoint is this. AFTER the passenger goes
    through the detector and redresses, that person walks through one more detector
    just as they're leaving the redress area. The purpose of this is clear. It gives
    the terrorist one more hurdle to have to clear both physically and as a
    deturrent-mentally. It also gives TSA one more look at all passengers, looking
    for anything suspicious after they redressed. "Operation Detour" gives our brave
    law enforcement team a large increased chance of heading off a airline tragedy.
    Now if the government adds the latest explosive detecting machines, along with
    "Operation Detour", this will be a landmark change in how we do business at
    worldwide airports. Another advantage is that this plan also has the same impact
    on passengers taking domestic flights. Let's not get caught up thinking that it
    can only happen on international flights. Besides being a huge safety measure,
    should be hiring more agents as we speak, along with coordinating with law
    enforcement. Having the extra detectors and other machines won't happen today or
    tomorrow, but stopping e tickets, making the ticket counter viewed as an actual
    checkpoint, and beefing up CHECKPOINT TWO can happen now. God Bless America
    John N. Goodman Lake Charles, La.
    John N. Goodman

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    December 30, 2009 at 1:17 pm |