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January 3rd, 2010
04:33 AM ET

Coming up on this CNN Sunday Morning...

The Best of 2009: Betty Nguyen, TJ Holmes and Reynolds Wolf recall interviews of memories of the past year, beginning 6am ET. It's a terrific hour you don't want to miss.

The U.S. Embassy in Yemen closed today, prompted by ongoing threats by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to attack American interests in Yemen, according to a U.S. news release.

We'll have all the latest developments in Yemen, as well as the Detroit and Somalia terror cases when CNN National Security Analyst Peter Bergen joins us in the 8 o'clock hour.

Yemen is now front and center in the war on Al Qaeda. Josh Levs explains the crisis facing the country - also in the 8 o'clock hour.

Polar Air: Almost half the nation is waking up to low temperatures at or below zero. Reynolds Wolf tells us how long the deep freeze will last.

So throw a sweater on and join us on this CNN Sunday Morning, beginning 6am ET/ 3am PT.

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  1. Robert

    Why is the attack on our soldiers at Ft. Hood by a muslim extremists not being classified as a terrorist attack? Obamas all about putting a good face on things but he is nothing more than a typical liberal politician who is more concerned how the people with more should be giving it to people with less! Thats not American! You have to find and work your butt off for the American dream not have it handed to you by Robin Hood!

    January 3, 2010 at 8:35 am |
  2. michael armstrong sr. TX.

    We need a show of force to close the bridge between Yemen and Somolia war ships are needed to intercept the enemy and close the gap .

    January 3, 2010 at 9:42 am |
  3. A. Smith, Oregon

    Where is this sudden push to attack Yemen and send troops into the poorest nation in the Middle East coming from?

    Several months prior to this attack, the Muslim bombers had sent a Muslim suicide bomber to murder the Saudi royal prince wearing a near identical Petn explosive in his underwear. The Muslim bomber stood next to the Saudi princes guards and bomb dogs for nearly 30 minutes completely undetected as he waited for a audience with the Saudi prince.

    When the remote Muslim handler beeped the bomb, it barely missed murdering the Saudi Prince. At least two months ago, Muslim bombers stated their rectal bomb was undetectable and published the ways, means and instructions on the internet, calling for Muslim bombers to follow suit.

    Two months ago, Saudi Arabia sent it's army and military forces into Yemen in a pitched battle with the Iranian backed Shiite Muslims.

    Yemen controls the other choke point on the Red Sea that Saudi Arabia requires for Oil Supertankers to enter and leave the Saudi oil fields. Iran controls the choke point on the Persian gulf's Strait of Hormuz.

    It seems America is nothing more than hired guns for Saudi Arabia. Where America gives their lives and American taxpayers pick up the tab to insure Oil Supertankers can come and go from the Saudi Oil Fields.

    Americans would be amazed at the horrific propaganda that Saudi Arabia publishes in mass to the Orient. We see Muslim bombers in the Philippines and Sri Lanka who receive that Sunni Muslim conquer the world garbage as the recipients of that garbage and directly acting on those publications.

    American Republican's tout the need for American democracy in Middle Eastern country's and yet where are their demands for Saudi Arabia to do that? huh?

    January 3, 2010 at 4:42 pm |
  4. A. Smith, Oregon

    The TSA release today of the ethnic backgrounds of the 14 nationality's that will be heavily screened at airports that serve International Flights to America all appear to have had a heavy CIA presence during the past 10 years. Its entirely likely that many of their missions have created this blow-back upon American citizens at home and traveling abroad.

    It seems CIA activity's have served to enrage and anger the civilians in those 14 country's who now hate American tourists whereas a mere 10 years ago, they welcomed American tourists and treated them with respect.

    January 3, 2010 at 10:18 pm |
  5. Ella

    Why is has Obama administration lifted the ban on granting people living with HIV/AIDS visa.I strongly object to this;come to think of it,there's more than enough HIV/AIDS in the system, why add to it Mr. Pres?

    January 5, 2010 at 10:28 am |