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February 8th, 2010
07:32 AM ET

7-Year-Old Samba Queen

Julia Lira is at the center of a national controversy in Brazil. A samba group chose her to lead its performance at next week’s Carnival. She’ll wear a mini-skirt and make-up, stay up late, and dance a dance most would call suggestive. And she’s 7 years-old. The girl’s parents say she’s just a girl who loves to dance. But now a family judge is trying to decide whether to block Julia’s participation. 

Our question: Should this little girl be allowed to lead the Samba at Carnival?

Post your comments here. Brooke Baldwin (in for Kyra) will read some of your comments in the 10am ET hour.

Starting at 11am ET, Tony Harris will have the results from our Quick Vote.

Should Julia be allowed to lead the Samba at Carnival?

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