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February 20th, 2010
10:51 PM ET

Breaking Down the Week's Top Legal Stories

Fredricka Whitfield talks to attorneys Avery Friedman and Richard Herman about some of the week's top legal stories.

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  1. A. Smith, Oregon

    Breaking News from the Associated Press:

    "There is not one orphan among the 33 children that a U.S. Baptist group tried to take from Haiti in a do-it-yourself rescue mission following a devastating earthquake, The Associated Press has determined".

    NONE of the 33 kidnapped children would have been seriously even considered to be given to these 10 people charged with kidnapping for legal adoption by the Haitian Government.

    In the rubble-riddled Citron slum where 13 of the kidnapped children lived, parents who gave their children away confirmed Saturday that each one of the youngsters had living parents.

    Their testimony echoed that of parents in the mountain town of Callabas, outside of Port-au-Prince, who told the AP on Feb. 3 that desperation and blind faith led them to hand over 20 children to the Americans now charged with child kidnapping who promised them a better life.

    Now the Citron parents worry they may never see their kidnapped children again. One Citron mother who gave up all four of her children, including a 3-month-old, is locked in a trance-like state but sometimes erupts into fits of hysteria.

    These children's parents statements DIRECTLY contradict the missionaries' still-jailed leader, Laura Silsby, who told the AP the day after her arrest that the children were either orphans or came from distant relatives.

    It is literally impossible that any of the 10 child kidnappers didn't know that ALL of the 33 children they were kidnapping had living parents.

    February 20, 2010 at 11:14 pm |