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February 26th, 2010
01:38 PM ET

He shoots, he scores– with one hand.

Zach Hodskins was born with one arm, but his condition has not stopped him achieving his hoop dreams. He can knock the lights outta the net– he can pass, he rebounds like a fiend– Zach does it all. You barely even notice that he does it all– with one hand. That's what makes this star and inspiration too.

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February 26th, 2010
01:13 PM ET

“A simple Buddhist monk”

Millions of people around the world are his followers.
He’s been called one of the world’s most influential leaders. The Dalai Lama calls himself “A simple Buddhist monk.”

But there’s a lot more to him than that.

Our Betty Nguyen sat down with his Holiness this week and asked him about how to live a meaningful life, who his influences are, and what the future may bring.

His answers were surprising - and candid:

See the rest of Betty’s interview this weekend!

Join betty and Rob Marciano, starting at 6am on CNN Saturday morning.

February 26th, 2010
11:59 AM ET

Should SeaWorld Release Killer Whale?

SeaWorld plans to hold a news conference today regarding the death of trainer Dawn Brancheau.

She was killed Wednesday when a killer whale named Tilikum grabbed her ponytail and pulled her underwater.

That same whale has also been linked to two other deaths.

SeaWorld has made it clear that it plans to keep the whale at its Orlando park despite calls to release the 12,000-pound creature back into the ocean.

So what do you think about SeaWorld's decision?

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February 26th, 2010
08:25 AM ET

Free Tilikum?

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption=""] Veteran whale trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed earlier this week when Tilikum, the 12,000-pound killer whale, grabbed her ponytail and drowned her in front of Sea World onlookers. Originally captured off the coast of Iceland, the killer whale has been linked to two other deaths in the past. Experts say Tilikum is not to blame and is reacting to 25 years of captivity. However, as the world's number one captive orca stud, Tilikum is worth millions.

Our question: What should happen to Tilikum?

Leave us your comments. We’ll share some of them on air in the CNN Newsroom, 11am ET — 1pm ET

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February 26th, 2010
07:43 AM ET

Bad Tippers Beware

A North Carolina woman has been banned from a local restaurant for being a bad tipper. She left so little money that servers and chefs refused to wait on her.

Now that bad tipper, Monica Covington, has started a petition to boycott the Japanese steak house, saying the restaurant slandered her character in a recent news report. 300 people have signed her petition so far.

Our question to you: How do you decide how much to tip when you go out to eat?

Post your comments here. Kyra will read some of them on the air during the 10am ET hour of Newsroom.

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February 26th, 2010
06:55 AM ET