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March 6th, 2010
09:01 AM ET

Web sites to find jobs

With millions out of work,'s special section on jobs - - is keeping up to date with all sorts of links for you to check out.

On CNN Saturday Morning, I'll show you some links we highlight in this story about how to "put together your own stimulus plan."

It talks you through how to find jobs in the growing field of green energy, and how to get the training you need.

What links have worked for you? Post comments below.


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March 6th, 2010
04:44 AM ET

Coming up on this CNN Saturday Morning...

Iraq sees an uptick in violence ahead of tomorrow's parliamentary elections. We'll get a live report from CNN's Arwa Damon.

We'll take a look at the man authorities say shot and wounded two police officers outside the Pentagon this week.

CNN iReporters are sending us images from the front lines of this week's nationwide protests challenging education budget cuts and tuition hikes. Josh Levs takes a look.

YouTube stars around the world combined resources and made a video that has become a huge hit; and it’s helping Haiti. Josh brings us that, too.

And our Betty Nguyen sits down for a one-on-one, two-part interview with Tibetan Spiritual Leader the Dalai Lama. Hey, she's still ours this weekend... 😉

Join us on this CNN Saturday morning. Reynolds Wolf is back and Richard Lui's in for TJ Holmes, beginning 6am ET/ 3am PT.

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March 6th, 2010
03:50 AM ET