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March 29th, 2010
08:10 AM ET

Pres. Obama: What Should be Next?

President Obama’s top domestic priority, health care reform, is a done deal. So, what does he turn his attention to now?

A. Jobs and the economy
B. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
C. Immigration
D. Financial industry reform

We want to hear from you? Let us know what you think the administration should make its top priority and why. We’ll share some of your comments on air in the CNN Newsroom, 11am ET — 1pm ET

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March 29th, 2010
07:27 AM ET

FEMA Says Pay Up for Your Trailer

Eighteen months ago, Hurricane Ike tore up Galveston, Texas. Today, hundreds of residents are still living in FEMA trailers. FEMA was supposed to get rid of the trailers in March. Now that deadline’s been moved to July. But FEMA says it’ll charge rent until then. They’re basing the rent on what people could get from tourists before Ike hit. That means up to $1600, for a FEMA trailer.

FEMA says it’s following the law. But lots of residents are still waiting for insurance payments to come through or for contractors to finish work on their houses. They say this adds insult to injury.

What do you think? Paying rent on a FEMA trailer – fair or unfair?

Post your comments here. Kyra will read some of them on the air in the 10am ET hour of Newsroom.

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