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May 3rd, 2010
09:42 AM ET

Security cameras: When do they become "big brother?"

Security cameras are helping authorities investigating the Times Square bombing attempt. There are hundreds around the general area - and thousands more are popping up around the country every day.

They can help keep us safe and catch some criminals.  But when do they go too far?  When do they become the proverbial "big brother?" 

We'll share some of your thoughts in the Newsroom.

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May 3rd, 2010
08:51 AM ET

A Brand New Day by Ali Velshi

It's a brand new era for CNN.  Unfortunately I can't be here with you this week as we launch our new set and our new show but I've left you in good hands with my colleagues TJ Holmes and Don Lemon.
Before I left though, I wanted to leave this message for you.  This new set is symbolic of changes we're continually making to make watching us important and useful to you. Obviously we look a little different today than we did last week, but we're also going to be delivering a different experience. Our team will  be introducing new segments this week that we hope will keep you visiting us during this time we share, in this space where we welcome all kinds of backgrounds, views and political stripes.
  • In this new space we'll bring you stories of people affecting great change in a segment we call Mission Possible.
  • For my geeky friends out there…and trust me…I'm not mocking-I am one…we'll have The Big I.  The Big I tackles big ideas:  inventions, new ways of doing business, cures, scientific advances, whacky proposals and technology.  It's the stuff of our science fairs and business plan competitions, ideas that will change the way we live and ways you can prosper from them. It's positive, optimistic and it's not stuff you'll see on other news shows.
  • But those inventions and innovations wont keep coming unless our kids are educated properly, which is why each day, we'll be bringing you Chalk Talk. If your child doesn't get a high school diploma, they're twice as likely as the average of being unemployed. Who is doing education right? And how can we make that happen in every classroom across America? Chalk Talk will tackle that.
There's lots more like this so please continue to join us here every weekday at 1pm on the East coast and 10 am on the West coast.
And don't worry news and politics – you'll still get it all here.  The news is, after all, what CNN is all about.
These are my words;  Ive said it before and I'll keep saying it – YOU  are the people I get up in the morning to serve.
I need your input and your criticism – good or bad.  This show is for you.
So reach out to me on Facebook-send me a tweet @alivelshi -   The street I work on runs two ways. If you have a story you think needs telling–send my Executive Producer a note:
I grew up on and love the news but today when you can get the news anywhere you look, we're aiming to give you more insight, deeper analysis, and a detailed understanding of the things that matter to you; information that can help you make better decisions about your health, your safety, your prosperity and your family.
I'm trying to build a different relationship with you.
My team and I will do the heavy lifting.
All you have to do is turn us on.
I promise-I'll work hard to make it worth your time.
Thanks for watching,
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