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July 11th, 2010
10:36 PM ET

Scientists Closer Than Ever to AIDS Vaccine

From CNN Associate Producer Jennifer Hauser:

More than 33 million people are living with HIV or AIDS, according to the United Nations. Imagine the impact a potential vaccine could make. Scientists at the National Institutes of Health have discovered three antibodies that can actually neutralize 91% of HIV strains. They discovered these antibodies in the blood of HIV-positive people. So the people carrying the virus could be holding the cure. Antibodies have been found in the past, but none with as strong a structure as these. CNN’s Don Lemon spoke with two popular AIDS activists who are also HIV positive. Sherri Lewis has had the virus since the 1980s. She’s spoken about it at numerous events and received all kinds of reactions over the years. Phill Wilson is the founder and executive director of the Black AIDS Institute. His focus is fighting AIDS in the black community.

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July 11th, 2010
02:08 PM ET

Do Baby Boomers Have a Death Wish?

From CNN Intern Sachin Seth:

Rather than burden their children with the daunting task of caring for them as they age, some baby boomers may be considering an extreme form of "relief." Suicide.

Psychiatrist Mark Goulston says he's been approached by some middle-aged patients who say they'd rather "take a bottle of pills" than inconvenience their children.

Dr. Goulston blames the problem on the impatient nature of "millennials" - the offspring of baby boomers - a trait he says was passed down from the boomers themselves.

Adding to their angst is their own experience of taking care of elderly parents, which sometimes leads to feelings of resentment. Baby boomers don't want their own children to grow to resent and begrudge them when they get old and feeble.

Dr. Goulston joined Don Lemon in the CNN Newsroom Saturday to talk about the issue.

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