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July 28th, 2010
08:06 AM ET

ASU Student may not graduate due to personal beliefs

From CNN Intern Emily Landrieu:

A counseling student at Augusta State University is in danger of not graduating – and it’s not because of her grades.

Jennifer Keaton is a devout Christian who believes that homosexuality is wrong. On the other side, administrators at ASU are concerned that her beliefs will prevent her from conforming to the professional standards of a licensed counselor. Jennifer sued the University earlier this month when they told her she would not graduate if she didn’t participate in a “remediation program” that is intended to increase her tolerance and exposure of the LGBT community. However, according to Jennifer’s lawyer, a public university “can not force a student to change their religious beliefs for staying in an academic program”. The remediation program entails adding on additional requirements to her masters’ degree such as attending workshops, writing monthly reflections and increasing her interaction with the LGBT community. ASU follows the American Counseling Association’s code of ethics in which members, “ recognize diversity and embrace a cross cultural approach in support of the worth dignity, potential and uniqueness of people within their social and cultural contexts”.

We want your opinion – Should Jennifer have to go through “sensitivity training” in order to get her diploma or is the university going too far?

Please post your comments below and Kyra will read some during the 10am ET hour of the CNN Newsroom.

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