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August 11th, 2010
04:33 PM ET

From Today's Show ~ August 11, 2010

Our MISSION POSSIBLE today was all about becoming an empowered patient with the helpful advice of senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen. To learn more about fighting medical bills to corrective diagnosis click here!

The BIG I: FLY EYES TO SOLAR POWER!  To learn more about today's Big I click here!

Starting tomorrow Q & A:

We are proud to announce- a New Segment Launching Around the World!

Thursday August 12th: SIMULCAST 2:00pm ET ON CNN AND 1800 GMT CNNI

Q & A: Quest & Ali   (yes…we’ve turned them loose!)

This is YOUR chance to quiz Richard Quest and Ali Velshi. Two great minds, Two different perspectives.

From dream liners to deep sea drilling, you choose the topics and in one minute each, each will tell you everything you need to know. Every Thursday they will tackle your topic in the world of travel, innovation, business and technology. After their sixty second download their team of international producers will put them to the test with a 3 question quiz.

Who will come out on top each week? No one knows! (but we’ll be keeping score!)

Send us your questions. They’ll answer. Nothing’s off limits – live on Q&A

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August 11th, 2010
07:58 AM ET

What makes you angry at work?

The infamous JetBlue flight attendant who argued with a passenger, quit over the plane intercom, grabbed a few beers and slid down the emergency chute was released on bail last night.

Steven Slater has quickly become a national hero for many of those who are frustrated about their jobs. People all over are applauding his outburst with Youtube videos, blogs, and Facebook groups.

With so many irritated employees rallying behind Slater, we were wondering- what really gets you mad at work?

Please share your stories below and Kyra will read some on air during the 10am ET hour of the CNN Newsroom.

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