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September 8th, 2010
08:09 PM ET

Come Along For the Ride...

When Ali and I first met, we didn't like each other very much. He'll be the first to tell you that! As a newbie to CNN a couple of years ago, I didn't quite know how it worked so you could say I bent some rules and didn't exactly approach things in the usual fashion. With all things in this business though, our paths crossed often and a about a year and a half ago, I was sent on assignment to New York. I worked side by side with Ali for about 6 weeks and what was a head-banging relationship become one that would never be the same. (Translation: I wore him out!)

Truth is...we couldn't be more alike! We joke that we share a brain. I know what he's thinking 99% of the time now; he's the first person to email me in the morning and the last before I fall asleep; if we go too long without a chat, it's a problem; we have a "meeting maker" in our calendar each day to walk to make sure we spend 25 minutes getting lunch to regroup one on one pre-show; we still bang heads but contain it to email and closed doors and it's usually productive and passionate and all for the show; he brings me Coke Zero when it seems I need one; and I often quip when Ali is going a mile a minute and translation is needed that "I speak Ali".

Why does all this matter? Because now I am his Executive Producer and our relationship is representative of our amazing team and how we all do what we do every day. It's not an assembly line of wires and stories and dictation and regurgitation. If you scroll down this page, you can read more about who puts this show together...but each morning at 8am we get together and labor over what we are going to do with every block of the show because your time matters to us. Our time matters to us.

Ali and I revisit what we do every week. Do we matter? Are we relevant? Who are we doing this for? Does the viewer give a crap about what we are about to put on the air? Would we? So that's what we aim for. We want to take you on a news ride so to speak...a tour, if you will. Consider Ali your guide. Packed complete with information and ready to rock. We don't want to be your moral compass, your political compass or anything in between. We want to take you on a two hour hike through information mountain and  along the way if you are able to imagine, innovate and ideate -then all the better because our show doesn't want to be just access to today, if we're doing our jobs right...we want to be your access to tomorrow.

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