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September 16th, 2010
01:58 PM ET

Blinded by Gang Violence

During today's Mission Possible, we told you about Lamont Levels.
He was only 12 when he started a gang.
By the time he was 23, his gang turned against him.
Gang members shot him in the head and left him blind.
That happened on January 2, 2001.
Levels is now trying to help at-risk kids in the Dallas area to see there's a better way to live their lives.
He's working with LaKerrie Owens, the founder and executive director of Dallas-based Youth Conversion.
Here's a link to her group.

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  1. Gwenola C-Freeman

    TJ i enjoy watching you on CNN on a daliy basis. THe peice you i did on the young man who was a former gang member and his gang brothers turned on him, really caught my eye. i am a block club caption on my street and we have had serveral murders in my community in recents days. And we have had numerous of crime black on black crime in the city of Akron and to my knowledge not ome of the those black on black crimes have been solved.

    These murders and killings must stop we are losing a generation of youth are being miss guided and has taken on the mindset of this is the way i suppose to live my like.

    My concern is i need to contact Lamont and Mrs Lakerrie Owens the founder and Exec. director of Youth Conversion in Dallas. I would appreiciate very much if you will provide an email or website or phone numbers. i need some advise and directon on how to get started like a group like hers and on how to make our communtiy aware of what is really going on in our city.

    Thank you
    Gwenola C-Freeman

    September 16, 2010 at 2:31 pm |