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September 23rd, 2010
04:35 PM ET

:30 Second Pitch

You might be familiar with Cheryl Pavlacka's story. She had a job with the same company for 35 years. Then early this year, her job was outsourced to Mexico and Singapore. For the first time since the 1970's she's looking for work! This mother of two and grandmother of three joined us from Orlando and gave CNN’s Kyra Phillips her :30 second pitch. Take a look.

Hey, if you're interested in hiring Cheryl Pavlacka you can reach her at She'd love to hear from you.

And, if you're out of work and want to sell yourself to prospective employers…let us know. Send your resume and a letter to 30-second pitch at Also, if you want to hire our 30-second pitchers, go to our blog,!!!!

September 23rd, 2010
03:42 PM ET

Mission Possible: The Heinz Awards

The Heinz Awards were established by Teresa Heinz in 1993 to honor the memory of her late husband, U.S. Senator John Heinz.  The idea of the awards is to celebrate the accomplishments and spirit of her late husband. Each year 10 people are chosen by a jury from the Heinz foundation and receive a $100,000 unrestricted cash prize. The awards recognize outstanding individuals for their contributions in the areas of: Arts and Humanities, the Environment, the Human Condition, Public Policy, and Technology, the Economy and Employment. One of the recipients this year is James Balog for his incredible photography of glaciers around the world. You can read more about the Heinz awards here! Check out James Balog's photography here!

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September 23rd, 2010
02:49 PM ET


Save over $1,000 a year on your energy bill!  Yes, you heard right. We’ve got 7 simple ways to cut costs today!  Join us this Saturday at 2pm ET for tips from Celia Lehrman, the deputy home editor for Consumer Reports.  Do you have a question on boosting your energy efficiency?  Post your questions here and we’ll answer them live on the air!

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September 23rd, 2010
01:14 PM ET

Selena Gomez Not Too Busy to Give Back

She's a television star, appeared in movies, and even has a singing career. But now Selena Gomez is taking time out to help raise money for underprivileged children across the world. At 18, Gomez is the youngest ambassador ever for the organization Unicef, and has even gone to countries like Ghana to see how the programs work. Now she's trying to get other young people involved in Unicef's "Trick-or-Treat" fundraiser that has raised 160 million dollars in the last six decades. Selena Gomez talked with CNN’s Kyra Phillips.

You can donate online, by phone or email. Go to for more information.

Watch CNN Newsroom with Kyra Phillips M-F from 9-11am ET.

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September 23rd, 2010
12:48 PM ET

THE BIG I: 100 Miles on 1 Tank of Gas

The X-Prize Foundation awarded $10 Million in prizes for cars that are fuel-efficent, affordable and good for the environment.  It was our Big I today. 

To check out the prize winners, click here.

To read up on the other X-Prizes and to see how you can participate, click here.

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September 23rd, 2010
08:03 AM ET