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November 13th, 2010
11:28 PM ET

Russell Simmons Unplugged

Russell Simmons is perhaps best known as co-founder of  Def Jam Recordings.  He's gone on to become a multi-million dollar success through fashion and philanthropy.  We're  going to seeing a lot more of the hip-hop mogul in a new reality television show which  gives the public an inside look into his personal and professional life.   CNN's Fredricka Whitfield recently sat down with Russell Simmons for an extended interview.


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  1. Dee Harry

    Fredrika Whitfield did an excellent job in her interview with Russel Simmons (part 1) where she very appropriately challenged him on the portrayal of women on his reality show.

    Russel Simmons should take heed to the points Fredrika was very tactfully making. The few good messges in the show are gettng lost in the silly noise around the interns and his making out young girls.

    Mr. Simmons is severly tarnishing his legacy by showing himself as a middled aged (or beyond) man, going through a md life crisis–cavorting with young girls more than half his age, and being ushered arojund and told by a gazillion assitsants that his poo does not stink! Come on Mr. Simmons, you care more about mistreatment of farm animals than you do of portraying young girls positively and teaching your own daughters through positive examples?? Really???

    Grow up Russel Simmons–you are not 18 anymore. Like it or not, you have the responsibility to set a positive example for today's youth. As old as you are I would think you would have learned that by now. You, Russel Simmons are a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT! Get out of your protected bubble and get a grip!

    November 16, 2010 at 3:34 am |