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November 15th, 2010
02:48 PM ET

Chalk Talk: Computers tell students' moods

What if we could tell when a student was happy, sad, or bored?

We could probably help steer those students to FOCUS in the classroom. Today's Chalk Talk was about computers that detect how we feel. Using artificial intelligence, researchers were able to develop tools to test students' emotions. Based on that, they can know if they should adjust difficulty or try a new tactic.

There are 4 cool technologies:

1. Computers that detect facial expressions

2. Chairs that sense posture

3. Wristbands that detect stimulation

4. Computer mice that measure squeeze level

The results?

Computers were 80% accurate in sensing students’ moods.

And students were 3 TIMES more engaged & focused than kids who didn’t work on modified computers.

Big ideas and big potential – fixing our schools.

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