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January 31st, 2011
12:54 PM ET

You Choose.










  1. Option One: Getting Away with Cheating!  A new study looks at how the type of affair can influence how and if you are forgiven.
  2. Remarried After 57 Years! A reconnection after decades apart.
  3. Super Bowl Heart:  Why you may need to be careful during the BIG game!

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January 28th, 2011
11:29 AM ET

Darryl Johnson's 30-Second Pitch

How can you contact Darryl?

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January 28th, 2011
09:36 AM ET

Citizenship of Kids Born to Illegal Immigrants

Should children born to illegal immigrants in the US be allowed citizenship?

A bill being introduced in Arizona challenges the citizenship of children born in the United States whose parents are illegal immigrants.  Click here to check out the story.

Post your comments here.  We're going to use them on the show today.

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January 27th, 2011
02:11 PM ET

You Choose! The Winning Story!

KKK Poster in School Lobby
An Illinois mom posted a picture on Facebook of the KKK poster in the lobby of Greenfield Central High School in Greenfield, Illinois.  The poster shows a Klu Klux Klan member in full garb and a burning cross.  The school says the poster is actually promoting a play about the evils of racism.  via WISH

Breathalyzer Required for School Dance
A breathalyzer required for a school dance?   The Sweetheart Dance at Medina High School in Ohio is causing quite a stink.  Kids will be required to test for alcohol before being allowed.  They are also banned from wearing risque clothing and dirty dancing.  The school says they've had a problem with kids showing up to dances drunk.  via WJW

Glow-in-the-Dark Surfing
The glow-in-the-dark surfer!  According to, this is Mark Visser surfing Hawaii's famous Jaws Break which usually has waves of 30 to 40 feet high.  Mark strapped on lighting to his body and his surfboard.  There were also helicopters above shooting light onto the wave.  The result?  Some of the best surfing video you've ever seen.  via WIRED

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January 27th, 2011
01:11 PM ET

BIG I: Smart Appliances

Appliances that talk to you, talk to the repair center and give you suggestions on saving energy!

They're called smart appliances.  For today's Big I, we focused on Kenmore's brand new technology called Kenmore Connect.

Click here to check out Kenmore Connect.

Click here to link up to Kenmore's Facebook page.

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January 27th, 2011
09:33 AM ET

All-Black Homerooms for School Kids

I want your input.  What do you think about all-black homerooms for schools kids?  Before you react, please check out this article from Lancaster News.

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January 26th, 2011
02:12 PM ET

You Choose! Here's the Winner

Porn found by a child on a Nintendo DSI game system.
A family in Ohio was in the market for a used Nintendo DSI game system for their 6-year-old son.  They found one at a GameStop in Springdale, Ohio.  They also found pornographic photos inside the console!  The kid's mom believes the pictures were taken by the previous owner with the unit's built-in camera.  The GameStop swapped out the game system for a brand new unit at no additional charge.  Moral of the story?  Check all used game systems before handing them off to your kids.  via WCPO

And here are the runner ups:

A basketball game with a final score of 108-3?!
A girl's basketball team in Utah won a game last night but the real story is the score.  108 to 3!  Christian Heritage beat out the West Ridge Academy girls, a school for at-risk kids.  The kicker on this one:  the winning team is being scrutinized for poor sportsmanship.  West Ridge fans are accusing the Christian Heritage team of piling on the points and keeping their starting lineup in for the entire game.  West Ridge says most of their girls haven't taken part in sports before.  When everything was said and done, Christian Heritage contacted West Ridge and apologized for the game.  The 2 schools are playing again next week. via KUTV

31-legged race by children in Japan
This video is... hilarious.  These are 30 children in Japan who have tied their legs together to participate in a 31-legged race.  This video actually looks like a practice run.  And its tearing up the blogs right now.  Most of the time we see 3-legged races, but these 31-legged races actually happen quite a bit in Japan.  And they're popular enough to be televised.  via YouTube

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January 26th, 2011
01:51 PM ET

BIG I: Eat, Text, Read...& Drive?!


If you work, you likely drive to work.  Actually according to the latest Census data, 76% of people commute to work using a car.  And they spend an average of 25 minutes commuting to work.  Now imagine if you were able to get that 25 minutes back to eat, text, read or even sleep in the car!  This new technology is today's Big I and I want to break it down for you.  Its called Safe Road Trains for the Environment or the SARTRE Project.  First lets start with how it works.

Click here for the animation. So you're driving down the street and you see the "train".  It's a truck-style vehicle in the front of the line.  That train leader is able to control your acceleration, braking and steering using wireless technology in your car.  So you send a request to the leader of the convoy.  You are then able to sit back and relax while your car is "pulled" into the convoy.  When you want to leave, you send a signal to the leader.  You're then released from the convoy and you can go about your merry way.  The system then automatically closes the gap that your car created.

Now lets talk about a system like this actually coming to market.  The SARTRE Project started in 2009.  Just last month, the team tested the technology at Volvo's test track in Sweden...and they say the technology worked!  The next step is to test the system with a five-car convoy.

We'll let you know how it goes.

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January 26th, 2011
11:20 AM ET

Gun & Violence Research

Click here to check out this great article from the NY Times on the lack of gun research in the last 2 decades.

We also want your input.  Do you think there needs to be more research on guns and violence?

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January 25th, 2011
01:40 PM ET

BIG I: Keyboard-Free PC, Remote-Free TV

You've probably ALL seen Microsoft Kinect – the biggest baddest gaming device out there – allowing your on screen character to do whatever you do – without a controller or wires or handheld anything.   What if you could control your PC or TV the same way?  PrimeSense has done it.

Click here to check out PrimeSense.

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