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January 20th, 2011
05:53 PM ET
January 20th, 2011
01:12 PM ET

BIG I: Sleeping Bag Coat

Right now, more than 3,000,000 people are homeless in America.  More than 30,000 are homeless in Detroit alone.  Today's Big I highlighted a young design student who created a coat that transforms into a sleeping bag!  Its called the Element S(urvival) coat.

Click here to learn how you can help Veronika Scott get her coats made and out to the homeless.

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January 20th, 2011
10:18 AM ET

Q & A: Will China Be the Economic Superpower by 2020?

This week we have been talking about the shift in global power and the ascendancy of china. There is no getting away from this fact – China will eventually overtake the U.S. as the largest economy – and both sides have to live with each other.

Nowhere can that be seen more clearly than the one trillion dollars in u-s government debt owned by the chinese.  The U.S. has needed the chinese to fund its overspending and trade imbalance. The Chinese can't afford for the debt to become tainted by reckless U.S. deficits.   The two countries are stuck with each other – and that will become ever clearer in the years ahead.  They are called the G2 – for one reason.  Who needs Hu? They need each other.  This week's Q&A will tackle the speed of China's ascent: Can they overtake the U.S. by as early as 2020?

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