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January 20th, 2011
10:18 AM ET

Q & A: Will China Be the Economic Superpower by 2020?

This week we have been talking about the shift in global power and the ascendancy of china. There is no getting away from this fact – China will eventually overtake the U.S. as the largest economy – and both sides have to live with each other.

Nowhere can that be seen more clearly than the one trillion dollars in u-s government debt owned by the chinese.  The U.S. has needed the chinese to fund its overspending and trade imbalance. The Chinese can't afford for the debt to become tainted by reckless U.S. deficits.   The two countries are stuck with each other – and that will become ever clearer in the years ahead.  They are called the G2 – for one reason.  Who needs Hu? They need each other.  This week's Q&A will tackle the speed of China's ascent: Can they overtake the U.S. by as early as 2020?

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  1. James McIntosh

    It would be foolish to think that a country of 300 million people who are invariably at each others throats and have a 400 year history of deceit and subterfuge amongst themselves, could ever compete on a economic level with a country that has 2 billion persons, all compelled to do what its government thinks is best. The only chance America has of competing and maintaining its high standard of living as well as its moral and social leadership in the world, is to bring forth a new day and way of incorporating all citizens into a cohesive and constructive force of free willed and independent peoples who have direct involvement and can see how all actions build up each other or tear each other down, the waste of so many resources on policing and controlling each other must be replaced with a committed effort to improve and empower every soul to be as happy healthy and productive as they can be. Thus by nurturing and ensuring that we have a healthy and vibrant , highly intelligent people we are unbeatable!

    January 20, 2011 at 10:56 am |
  2. Edward

    They have chiefly made their wealth off of us, and other countries, by becoming the manufacturers of the world – our way of life will definitely change in years to come. John Boehner, and the other Republicans, who are protesting our welcome of China's leaders, should admit that the unfunded tax breaks for the wealthy, they all made a stand on, were financed by China's money, they shouldn't bite the hands that feed them. The biggest problem in our country is that our government has spent too many years pandering to the rich and their interest, neglecting the majority of us, and I fear it will all come down like a house of cards soon. Bottom Line: We caused our own probelms, as far as China, and we have to take the responsibility for it.

    January 20, 2011 at 12:18 pm |
  3. Mike

    I believe china has been plotting with rogue countries for years to systematicaly bankrupt and overwhelm the USA. It sickens me that we should be so blind and nonsensical to the situation @ hand.

    January 25, 2011 at 1:15 pm |
  4. german

    well, china made their wealth due to what is called "beggar thy neighbor" primarily taking advantage of "cost cutting" and therewith outsourcing. now , many experts are right in saying it wouldn't be wise just to bring jobs "back" , because that means you simply bring back what you alreday left behind, the U.S: has lost many jobs in primarily low-skill sectors (manufacturing jobs). so the new creed is "to bring NEW" jobs, let chinakeep the ones you left behind. they can recklessly provide low-cost laborers, which has been their mainstay to growing their economy. like it has alreday been said here, simply put, they made money off of others (the U.S. primarily) while U.S. companies enjoyed "cost optimized" profit margins. again, let china have those kind of jobs and put your money increasingly to where america needs to be, which is right at the forefront of the kind of jobs that actually create the path and means that the world in the future will largely operate by. america must not be only number two, and certainly not after a totalitarian communist country like china!

    January 25, 2011 at 11:11 pm |