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February 3rd, 2011
02:09 PM ET

You Choose! Winning & Losing Stories.

Lotto Code Cracked
A guy in Canada has apparently cracked the secret code behind scratch off lottery tickets.  He says he cracked the code by analyzing the computer code used to pick the numbers on the tickets.  According to, He is able to predict correct numbers about 90% of the time!  Click here to check out the complete WIRED article.

Whoopi Supports Charlie Sheen
Whoopi Goldberg says she was a high-functioning drug addict and understands Charlie Sheen's decision to skip rehab to go back to work.  Whoopi says it's up to Sheen – and not his TV producers – to get himself back on track. Click here to check out the CNN Showbiz article.

Porn Swapped for Bibles
An aethist student group in at the University of Texas San Antonio is offering porn to people who will turn over their bibles.  The event is called "Smut for Smut".  The group held the same event last year.  Click here to check out the complete Examiner article.

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February 3rd, 2011
01:21 PM ET

BIG I: Recycling Haiti's Rubble

Today Big I highlighted a new technique that would recycle the 20 million cubic yards of rubble in Haiti into usable building materials for the country.  The process was developed by researchers at Georgia Tech.

Click here for more information on the process.

Click here to check out other research going on at Georgia Tech.

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February 3rd, 2011
01:16 PM ET

Who Is Your Role Model?

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February 3rd, 2011
01:14 PM ET

Should Rep. Gabrielle Gifford's Husband Go to Space?

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