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August 27th, 2011
06:22 AM ET

Hurricane Irene – helpful links

Our team at has fantastic, broad coverage of Hurricane Irene this morning and throughout the weekend. Be sure to follow the tracker, live blog, and state-by-state breakdown.
If you're in Irene's path, do everything it takes to be safe and prepared. If you're in a position to safely share your videos, photos, and stories, join the open story from our iReport team.
As I'm reporting today, if you or your loved ones are in Irene's path, your first instinct might be to call each other. Authorities are encouraging you not to. Instead, try social media or texting. You don't want to clog the phone lines - leave those open for people who need to make emergency calls.
The Red Cross website Safe and Well can help. You can post your whereabouts, or search to see if someone you love has posted.
Which websites are helping you? Post in the comments section, or join me at Facebook and Twitter. I'll share some of your most helpful links on the air.
Be safe and well.

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