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November 14th, 2011
06:43 PM ET

Teen kills herself after tweeting about abuse

CNN's Brooke Baldwin talks with Texas prosecutor Dayna Blazey about the case of a teen who killed herself after sending more than 140 tweets about abuse.

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  1. Lisa

    This story hit home in soooo many ways..I have a sister who was sexually abused by our father.. My mother knew what was going on as well, but didn't want to believe it.. She called us whores & sluts.. She said " He doesn't want u lil whores..When my father sexually abused my sister he beat me & put me in a corner & said don't move or scream.. My father has 8 children 4 from a previous marriage & 4 with my mother.. He sexually abused 4 of his children & there was no legal action at all..When I heard about Ashley my soul cried out sooo hard.. I know the pain she was baring..I posted her story on Facebook & I have been staying on all the updates.. I myself want to start a group to help ypung battered girls who are afraid to tell someone about sexual abuse.. I want to be that voice & shoulder to cry on.. I want to help mend the wounds of innocent child who have been sexually abused..Although we can't bring ashley back ... Her story lives on in our heart.. We can all help to prevent this from happening again.. Lift every voice & bring justice for Ashley..

    November 15, 2011 at 9:42 am |
  2. bh

    When I was sexually abused as a child, I kept everything that happened to me as a secret. Children cannot bear or face the breadth of sexual humiliation and pain. In may case, I developed coping methods of denial and dissociation in an effort to just "forget" what happened to me. When I was fourteen, an adult friend of our family started offering to pick me up from school, from soccer practice, etc when my parents were busy. As my parents have never been emotionally open types, I poured my heart into this man. One day, after picking me up from the YMCA, he brought me back to his house, convinced me it would be "adult" to have a drink with him, and he raped me. I was so humiliated, scared, confused, as he proceeded to then attempt to be tender, to act as if it didn't happen, to say it was in my imagination. The abuse continued, for almost a year. My parents were never around. They were on the verge of splitting up. I felt ashamed and guilty for having had alcohol with him in the first place. The abuse got worse and worse. And I just felt as if I deserved it somehow, that if I would just "take" it then he would grow tired of me and move on. I finally spilled out my entire story, to a complete stranger on an online forum, who took the liberty of contacting the police and finding me a few days later. I was cleaning out bagel containers during work after school. Then everything exploded. I told them everything, every disgusting humiliating detail. We went to trial. He was charged with seven counts of third degree sexual assault. But I was in shock, my testimony was all over the place because I was terrified and confused to have to detail it, and because they couldn't "tell" the exact dates when he raped and abused me, and because this happened when I was 15 to 16, and in RI 16 is the age of consent, and because I had willingly had alcohol and couldn't remember if I had said no or not to begin with, he was released with only a heavy fine, a no-contact order, a year's probation, and charged with a misdemeanor. To this day I cannot even bring myself to recall the trial without horror and frustration. I even dissociated then, and have only vague memories of the proceedings. Shortly thereafter, I tried to kill myself with sleeping pills. I was put in rehab. I recovered, finished school, went to college, but the counseling didn't help. I tried to kill myself again. It is hard to put into words the precise sense of worthlessness and pain someone who has been sexually abused experiences. Even now I am still haunted by his memory. I can understand this girl's torture acutely. I can't even begin to say how deeply I empathize with her suicide.

    November 15, 2011 at 11:17 am |
  3. Ellie

    Where was this girl's mother?????

    November 15, 2011 at 6:33 pm |
  4. Annette

    My heart aches for all the children in this world that get molested by a sick man or woman. My gosh, what has become of the loving fathers and mothers out there? What happened to protecting your children from harm? No one wants to committ suicide, they just want the pain to stop. So for any one else going through this type of abuse speak out, make them hear you. Let your voice be heard, and do not give up. Protect yourself if you have to, an abuser thinks he has the power because he instills fear into you, scream and keep screaming, if he hits you then that is bruises he will have to explain. Do not let anyone bully you.

    November 15, 2011 at 7:57 pm |
  5. Daniel Holt

    Takes a lot of courage and Strength to filter past memories burred so deep, I commend you all for sharing. While my story is not sexual, I will not distinguish between the two, as everyone pain and suffering is different, but feel we all share the same hurt of helplessness of being so young, as if we can’t do anything about it, as we take our minds to a place outside ourselves, and as each day passes we try and hold on to a small piece of sanity in ourselves.
    My abuse started at 2yrs old, were I was grabbed by the hair and beaten, as I grew the beatings become frequent too where I learned (NOT TO CRY) My Brother couldn’t take it, to where I took the Abuse off his little shoulders and wear his pain by standing up the this Man, to where I took my mind out of my body to a happy place. We were told if we told our Biological father or Mother that he would kill them. I was later institutionalized, as I never told, and held it all in, as I was sent away to places that were dark, hideous, and horrendous and learned to learn as psychologist, Doctor poked and prodded for answers, and was Institualized, locked away.
    So when ppl ask me am I allusive, I just say I have a created mind, as I learned how to process other people thoughts, create reaction with-in them to play with their psychology some was a game I learned to play well. To look into a person eyes and see what type person they were, has always been easy to me, because as I child I saw it all….
    I too thought of Suicide every day, even today I live with those thoughts, but what keeps me from jumping off a cliff, is I find a little good in ppl, love, and the world, something, that makes me say …one more day…
    God Bless you all on your Journey and thanks for sharing

    November 16, 2011 at 3:13 am |
  6. Kathy Bruder

    My older sister was abused for 5yrs before my dad came after me. We never spoke to each other about the incidents that we always though we never happen again. We always cried and pleaded and my mom never woke up. I filed charges twice and testified at the age of 17. Nothing happened to him and my loving mother said we should have just ran away. She is still with him and they try to make us feel guilty for not coming around very much or for not showing enough love and forgiveness. I told them if I did continue therapy that I probably would never have contact with them. My kids can't believe I still take care of them. Half my relatives think it should be forgotten and the other half don't want any part of their lives, yet they still adore my Grandfather who raped 4 of his daughters. But since my mom is the only one to say anything to us. No way she would repeat the story. I have a wonderful husband and kids and try to find joy with life.

    November 18, 2011 at 10:20 pm |

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