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July 4th, 2012
07:27 PM ET

Shocking Footage: two Syrian boys killed in purported bombing

Newly released video out of Syria shows the bodies of two young boys killed in a bombing purported to be the work of  Syrian President Bashar Assad's forces.  Assad forces are believed to be responsible for the deaths of thousands of Syrians since this uprising began last spring.

Warning: The video in this segment is graphic and not appropriate for all audiences.

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  1. JGallagher Average American

    Dictator or should i say Tyrant. "President" Bashar Assad ruled for 10 years and he failed to improve the rights of his people. The 11th year of his rule (2011) was one of the worst in the world for human rights. According to Amnesty International the goverment of Syria may be Guilty of crimes against humanity for the torture and deaths of its citizens during its crackdown against the syrian citizens 2011 uprising. Now he may be called the "President" of Syria but as an American I know a president is the elected head of a republican state whos elected to preside over our organized body of citizens. The president upholds integrity, honesty and fairness. This must mean the term differs between countries. Now this article states the syrian presidents forces are responsible for the purported bombings. If our President was responsible for the death of two American Boys do you Mr. or Mrs. American think he would be in office very long. This tells us that the " Ba'ath Party" Mr.assads is part of acts only in their own interests. The Peoples Coucil of Syria (which is part of the Ba'ath party) slogan for its 250 members is " unity , liberty , socialism , one nation bearing an Eternal message". What Eternal message are they sending ? That they allow there authorities to harass and imprison human rights activists and critics oftheir government. Nazi leaders Tyrants Dictators that what they should be called not hide under a mask that they use to keep the UN off their backs. If our CIA considers them " a republic under an authoritarian regime" why would the United Nations see them as anything less ??? Tears and sadness falls upon me when I see the lives of two young men brought to a hault so there "President" can maintain his political power. Good luck Hilary Clinton I hope you dont give into these dictators these tyrants. Use your own political pull to make a change . You have more power behind you than our President. (Afterall you put our president in his office) God Be with the people of Syria.. Stand up America and be the voice for the opressed !!!

    July 6, 2012 at 10:26 am |

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