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October 1st, 2012
04:31 AM ET

Man Flirts with 8 Different religions

CNN's Gary Tuchman talks to author Eric Weiner about his quest to find a new religion.

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  1. Frank

    Eric Weiner in his quest to find a new religion!
    He wrote a book , “MAN SEEKS GOD”*.
    For him to find God he went to seek the truth from, Sufism, Buddhism, Franciscan, Realism, Toaism, Wicca , Shamanism and Kabbalah !.
    In his talk to Gary Tuchman he said, “I am ... confused.....but I have returned to my Jewish roots ** .....I think there is value from that [those 8 beliefs, and others], taking pieces from here and there...etc***..

    * In the history of mankind there are millions of books written by millions of authors who talked about God, ‘ how to know God’ , and ‘who is God’, and ‘how God looks like’, and ‘the fear of God’ etc., etc., and the writings will continue until the end of time.
    Many roads/ways going in different directions seeking God [Ten thousand-by Eric words], but the questions are ,
    “which God are they seeking ?, the Roman God, or the Hindu God, or the Christian God, or the Muslim God ?”
    “ Are they seeking the God, God who is the creator, or the God whom they created themselves?”

    ** The man ‘ Eric’ was confused by searching the 8 religions he mentioned to seeks God !. Why?.
    First, he chooses Sufism, Franciscan and Kabbalah, as they are representing the Muslim, Christian, and Jewish religions, while they are not, Eric should know that those are cults, and they are not the original religions, and those came from the works of people who came later on with their own philosophical views about books which represent those religions, whith a twist, and the other five are not religions which believe in God. Anyone who take this approach in seeking God will be confused for sure.

    Then Eric after all the works and the searches he done went ‘back to his Jewish roots’. My question why?,
    Because that is normal, and IF a Christian done the same work/search will turn back to his own roots for sure, and that goes fore the Muslim, the Hindu, the Buddhist, and that is the sure thing.

    And another question, why they turn to their own roots?,
    Because of a funny things in which a human brain works. Our brain mostly accept things only when it agree to the information which been stored in for many years [logical or not], and with what was accepted by our brain before as the true things [logical or not], no matter what, anything else is automatically rejected even before using the ‘logic’ or ‘science’ as tools to differentiate between the right and the wrong, the truth and the false.

    Eric wrote the book, ‘man seeks God’ , and using 8 of what he called religions, but he did not go to search for the truth in the 3 original religions [one of them his own], and their original books, and their original teachings, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and the reason is, because he wrote this book knowing in advance what suppose the ending will be, and it is his own religion which he find the best after all, and he he came back to it.

    *** Eric by saying, “Taking pieces from here and there”, is that means that everyone chooses what he likes to create his own right religion?.
    If everyone follow Eric advice, then instead of 5 or 10 religions today with all their problems , we will have unlimited number of different religions created by people serving themselves [not God] with a bigger problems, and God help us.

    Eric should know as a Jew that God sent many messengers, and support them with a power to do miracles to prove to the people that He is their God, and He is the creator, and they should worship Him alone [The Commandments], so no need for Eric to go around to seek God anywhere else.

    October 2, 2012 at 3:54 pm |
  2. Emile Wurm

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  3. Sandy Demateo

    March 6, 2021 at 2:20 pm |

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