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November 6th, 2012
11:53 AM ET

Your unprecedented interactive election tools

You know how we have some, to put it lightly, impressive maps that we move around on TV? Well now you have unprecedented ones of your own.
Creative new tools on let you learn all sorts of hard facts about the election - including how much campaign money made its way into and out of your state, how many TV ads were positive or negative, and how many times each candidate visited your neck of the woods.
And there's a lot more.
Watch, share, and be sure to stick with CNN for the excitement today, tonight, and beyond.
The electoral math
How much campaign money has been raised and spent in your state
The CNN Facebook I'm Voting App
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Discuss: What's inspiring you to vote - or not vote?

Filed under: Josh Levs
November 6th, 2012
06:58 AM ET

What's inspiring you to vote?

Far too many Americans simply don't vote. So we got to wondering: What's inspiring some to show up at the polls, and others not to?
Using our new CNN Facebook "I'm Voting" App, we asked you to weigh in. And you did – with many passionate answers.
Be sure to join our Facebook "I'm Voting" community. Just click the tab on Josh's Facebook page, and join in with your comments!

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