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February 7th, 2013
05:37 PM ET

Ex-cop kills 3, threatens more violence

Brooke talks to law enforcement expert Mike Brooks about cop-killer Christopher Jordan Dorner and his frightening manifesto which threatens the Southern California police community.

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  1. Julie Robson

    With regard to California police shootings, WHAT is ISR? You keep talking about it, but no one has explained what it means.

    February 7, 2013 at 6:09 pm |
  2. M.C.

    Instead of just reporting on the dangers of this manifesto, report on the first few pages where he outlines his reasoning for his actions. He even warns later in the manifesto not to focus on the dangers but why and how to stop it. Here is the excerpt I am talking about:
    ~~Sure, many of you “law enforcement experts and specialist” will state, “in all my years this is the worst……..”, Stop!!! That’s not important. Ask yourselves what would cause somebody to take these drastic measures like I did. That’s what is important.

    Stop being sensationalists for 5 minutes and do some real journalism. He has given you all the tools and information yet you still focus on the wrong things. As a regular citizen at home I managed to gleam enough information from the report via internet research that his words carry weight. Be respectable again instead of living up to the conclusion I managed to reach about your networks and practices when I was only in 9th grade.

    Julie: ISR more than likely refers to intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance.

    February 8, 2013 at 12:28 pm |
  3. kevin

    I think Don L. was way off on his reporting today with regards to his desire to have a conversation about racism within the LAPD as a motivating factor here. Don stated on air that Dorner was fired for breaking the "blue code of silence" by telling supervisors about his partners alleged assault of a suspect while he was helpless on the ground, and then said that we need to have a "conversation" about the LAPD and racism. This implies somehow that 1) Dorner was wrongfully terminated from the LAPD in retaliation for speaking up and 2) that race was a motivating factor in the decision to fire him. The last time I checked, journalism was about reporting the facts. Don neglected to report that there appeared to be other factors at play with regards to his termination. First and foremost is the fact that it has been reported that this suspect was in danger of not passing his re-training test and was told so by the supervisor he later came forward against. An investigation took place and they could find no evidence which substantiated his claims that she kicked a suspect. He displayed serious emotional issues while on the job, and had even candidly stated that he had mental troubles due to his military deployment. It is very likely that he fabricated his story as an attempt to retaliate against his supervisor before she could report that he was not fit for duty on patrol as an officer. These appear to be important details and probably should have been reported. The only reason I can think of for not reporting them is that they are inconvenient facts for someone who wants to use this story as an opportunity to implicate the LAPD as a racist organization who created this mess by wrongfully firing Dorner. Further, saying that we need to have a discussion about racism in the LAPD legitimizes what this maniac has done. For crying out loud, people are being murdered in cold blood here. Don tried to disclaim in his report that he was in no way implying that this guy was right in what he is doing, but thats exactly what was accomplished by his speculations. Throwing in a disclaimer doesn't change that. I'm all for a discussion about eliminating racism in our society, but there is a time and place for such a thing and Don's report this morning was not the right time nor the right place.

    February 8, 2013 at 9:59 pm |

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