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March 26th, 2013
10:16 AM ET

Supreme Court weighs same-sex marriage

CNN's Carol Costello talks with Baltimore Ravens' linebacker and marriage equality advocate, Brendon Ayanbadejo.

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  1. Sharon Smolinski

    Re: Same sex marriage and benefits. I am single, never married, no children, white female, 63 years old, own my own condo. No longer working due to (1) being laid off and (2) having three strokes. I have been working since June of 1963. I have paid my Federal Income Tax Return or received a refund. This morning I was listening and the subject at the time was same sex marriage. I am totally against it. One of your guests mentioned 1,000 benefits that a same sex spouse can receive. Where can I find this list? Who is going to keep track of these benefits?

    I believe same sex marriage is creating a way for people to get benefits, get spousal privilege - which by the way, when I die my SS does not go to anyone. It just stops. Why can't I name a beneficiary? Why can't I list a relative or friend as a recipient of my benefits, medical or otherwise.

    When is it my turn? I am sick and tired of this subject. And, the fact that the Supreme Court is involved is a total sham. They are wasting their time since the states have the say so on this subject. The Constitution won't be changed and if so, it better include single people who paid for schools, streets, welfare benefits - don't get me started on that. I am only allowed to make so much money b/c I am on SS. Then I get a small raise and the amount and I am over the limit of what SS says I can make. I have money in an IRA that I have saved ever since 401s were put in place. SS says I can't receive any other benefits that a check because I have money in my IRA and I should use that. Who is running the show? I am totally disgusted with the entire justice system - this is from someone who worked in the law field for 46 years. Clients and the government are getting ripped off left and right b/c of loopholes. I am deeply disturbed by this and refuse to vote for it. A waste of money, time, not available to non-spousal voters. How many spouses can a "partner" have? Who keeps track? Who gets the benefits of a deceased "partner"?

    Please address this issue. I will be watching every day. No one that I know of has even addressed this matter. I think its about time someone, news reporter, television reporter - someone addresses this problem.

    Where can I see the 1,000 benefits available to a "partner" so I can start writing the President, my congressman, certainly not a governor from IL b/c most end up in jail for defrauding the people who put them in office.

    Do you get where I am coming from? Someone please help the single, never married, no children citizens of the United States of American which professes that every citizen is entitled to equal rights. Its no wonder Americans are moving to other countries. I happen to know a very very rich attorney who moved to Switzerland. Before he left his other job in Chicago, he was already employed in Switzerland by a client of the firms. Sorry, but I have a lot to say and I can't, that's right, single me, can't get anyone to listen or at least mention the fact that I am getting royally screwed by the government and nobody seems to care.

    One more thing. I believe that lobbyists should be banned from entering the Capitol building. That's right. The are nothing but money grabbing mouthpieces for the rich people, rich companies, etc. Where is my lobbyist? Who is going to take care of me? Thank your for listening. Now let's see if you have the courage to take on this matter and with the same enthusiasm as same sex marriage.

    March 26, 2013 at 1:44 pm |

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