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March 8th, 2011
02:36 PM ET

You Choose! Winning & Losing Stories

-Backpack Full of Ashes
According to our affiliate KTVU, the thief entered the church and snatched the backpack yesterday.  The man's ashes were stolen 30 minutes before his funeral was set to begin.  According to the man's widow, the man's ashes were split into 3 urns and put in a backpack he used for his travels to Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  The man worked as a diplomatic courier for the State Department.  Via KTVU

-22 Dogs Shot & Killed
According to WSOC-TV, 22 dogs were discovered last week.  The Animal Adoption League says the Chesterfield County Animal Shelter is responsible.  The sheriff's office is investigating.  The animal shelter is closed today.  The workers are on administrative leave.  Via WSOC

-Elderly vs. Pedestrians
According to researchers at Ben-Gurion University in Israel, elderly drivers are half as likely as others to see pedestrians.  The researchers compared elderly and non-elderly drivers in a traffic simulator.  They identified hazardous situations by pressing a button.  And just for the record, the researchers considered 65 to be elderly.  Via LA Times

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March 4th, 2011
01:58 PM ET



Today's winning story:

A study from the University of Arizona found the handles on most shopping carts are covered in fecal matter and E. coli. Researchers also say your cell phone may be dirtier than a public toilet. Apparently it's heat acts as an incubator for germs. (CNN)

Loosing stories:

"Greens Dictionary of Slang" may be the largest slang dictionary ever published in english. Covering slang from the United States to England and beyond, Jonathon "Mr. Sland" Green records and documents more than 100,000 words and idioms in his quotation-packed historical dictionary. (CNN)

A father and son reunion six decades in the making. Alvin Junior was never able to track down his father until his half brother and sister found him on Facebook. (

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March 1st, 2011
02:05 PM ET

You Choose! Winner and Losers!

Winning Story! Option #1 – TSA agents gave what one man calls "intrusive" pat-downs to passengers, including kids, who were getting OFF an Amtrak train in Savannah, Georgia last month.  Florida Fire Lieutenant Brian Gamble posted this video on You Tube. You can see the agents patting the kids down. Gamble says he was among about 40 people getting OFF the train who were ordered by TSA agents to be searched. Turns out there was a random search operation going on and the arriving passengers were accidently roped into it. The TSA has apologized for the inconvenience.

Option #2 – An Arizona high school teacher has been fired because of a bumper sticker on her car. It reads "Have you drugged your kid today?" The teacher, Tarah Ausburn, says society is over-medicating hyperactive kids.. and this is her way to protest. Some parents complained about the sticker and she was later fired when she refused to take it off her car. Right now she's fighting to get her job back. CNN link

Option #3 – A hug for a good Samaritan. Carl Shafer drove 700 miles round trip to retrieve and return a car to an elderly Ohio couple. The car was stolen several weeks ago and later found in Kansas City. But due to health issues, the couple couldn't go get the car back. So Shafer decided to lend a hand and get the car for them.. What a nice jester.. Click here to read more/see video 

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February 28th, 2011
01:21 PM ET

You Choose! Winners and Losers!

Winning story! Option #1 – Firefighters in Georgia have rescued a 14-month-old girl from a locked bank vault.  Here's how the toddler got there... she was visiting her grandmother, who works at the bank, when she wandered into the open vault. It locked automatically at closing time. Authorities pumped air into the vault, while firefighters struggled to free her, but turns out.. they couldn't open the vault! Finally a locksmith used a drill to break open the vault -  The baby was trapped in the vault for four hours. She is doing ok.

Option #2 – A rodeo catastrophe.  Sometimes front row seats aren't always a good thing. Especially if you are at this rodeo in North Carolina!  Two spectators up front got a closer view of the action than they wanted when the bull jumped over a five-foot wall.  One fan suffered a broken foot and the other a bruised leg, scrambling to get out of the way. As for the bull – he actually went on with the show. vo.bull.jumps.stands.WITN

Option #3 – Forget the Oscars, the Razzie Awards are taking note of the year's worst films. Here's a quick look at the winners – or maybe I should say losers:  Worst actor: Ashton Kutcher for both "Killers" and "Valentine's Day." Worst actress: All four of the ladies from "Sex and the City 2," that's Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall and Kristin Davis.  The top prize went to "The Last Airbender" for worst movie of 2010. It also picked up worst director, worst screenplay, worst supporting actor and a new category - worst eye-gouging misuse of 3-D. Ouch. index.html 

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February 24th, 2011
02:09 PM ET

You Choose! Winning & Losing Stories

Dirty Air & Heart Attacks
Scientists report in today's Lancet Journal that air pollution triggers more heart attacks than using cocaine. The study says bad air poses as high a health risk as alcohol, coffee and physical exertion. The world health organization describes air polition as a "major environmental risk" causing an estimated 2 million premature deaths around the world each year.

Ugandan President May Release Rap Album
According to Reuters, Uganda's president Yoweri Museveni says he might release an album after record producers made a hit song out of his rallies by mixing folk chants he preformed with hip-hop beats.

Arrests in Killing of U.S. Agent
Mexican authorities have made 10 arrests in the fatal shooting of a US immigration agent earlier this month. One suspect is the presumed leader of a drug cartel allegedly behind the hit. Agent Jaime Zapata was killed in an ambush while on a Mexican highway. Five other men, three women and a minor were also arrested. Via CNN

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February 21st, 2011
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You Choose! Winning & Losing Stories

-Oral Sex & Cancer
According to new research out of the University of California, the human papilloma virus or HPV may now be overtaking tobacco as the leading cause of oral cancers in America in people under the age of 50.  Every year 37,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer.  The researchers are trying to get a crucial message out to teens:  oral sex carriers as many of the same risks as vaginal sex.  Via CNN

-Toddler Tantrums
According to a new report by the University of Pennsylvania, the part of the brain that regulates emotion and controls social behavior is underdeveloped at that age.  But there's a trade off.  That underdeveloped part of the brain actually makes it easier for kids to master a new language.  They also say that the best way to handle a tantrum is to stay calm and ignore the bad behavior.  Via CNN

-Royal Hunger Strike
A Mexican woman says she's been on a hunger strike for at least 8 days to demand an invitation to the royal wedding of Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton.  The woman has set up a tent outside the British Embassy in Mexico City.     She says she intends to continue the strike as long as necessary.  So far roughly 1,900 names are on the coveted guest list.  Via CNN

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February 16th, 2011
02:14 PM ET

You Choose! Wining & Losing Stories

-Unnoticed Cubicle Death
51-year-old Rebecca Wells went to work on Friday and died while sitting at her desk, and no one noticed until Saturday afternoon.  A security guard found Wells slumped in her chair at the LA County Department of Internel Services.  Authorities don't know the exact time of her death but say she had been dead a full day.  We also don't know yet how the woman died but authorities don't suspect foul play.  Via KTLA

-Grandmother's Birth
A 61-year-old grandmother gave birth to her own grandchild!  Sounds like a scene from a movie, but its actually true.  According to the Chicago Tribune, Kristine Casey served as a surrogate for her daughter Sara.  The doctor who delivered the baby said the delivery wasn't complicated, but the emotional context of the delivery was extremely profound.  Via Chicago Tribune

-Coca-Cola Recipe

A couple of radio producers may have stumbled on the recipe in photograph.  Its a whole complicated story about how the alleged recipe may have been found, but what's most important is what's in it.  According to these producers, the secret ingredients are alcohol, orange oil, lemon oil, nutmeg oil, coriander, neroli and cinnamon.  Coca-Cola is denying that the recipe reveals the secret formula.  Via CNN

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February 15th, 2011
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You Choose! Winning & Losing Stories

Hidden Space Object
There is a HUGE hidden heavenly body right here in our solar system.  Evidence is mounting that either a brown dwarf star or a gas giant planet is lurking at the outermost reaches of our solar system...far beyond the planet Pluto.  According to the British paper The Independent, the object is four times the size of Jupiter.  Experts say the presense of such a massive object could explain a barrage of comets from that direction. Via CNN

Auto-corrected Murder
According to the UK's Bolton News, one man sent a text message to another.  The message was supposed to include the word "mutter". Instead the auto-correct software changed the word "mutter" to "nutter".  And in some contexts the word "nutter" can be extremely derogatory.  Via CNET

You can now fulfill your life long dream of getting married in a McDonalds.  According to Reuters, the service was launched in January in Hong Kong.  For about $1300, you get an apple pie wedding cake, gifts for your guests, pink invitation cards with golden arches, a pair of balloon wedding rings and a wedding gift.  Via McDonalds

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February 14th, 2011
02:10 PM ET

You Choose! Winning & Losing Stories

Tiger Woods' Fined
Tiger Woods was fined for spitting during the Dubai Desert Classic yesterday.  He apparently spit on the 12th green after missing a par putt in the final round.  The spit was allegedly a Breach of the Tour Code of Conduct.  We don't know how much the fine was...but I'm sure it will only be a drop in the bucket.  Via CNN

Fighting Bad Breath
Bad breath: we have some tips to help you fight it.  First, stay hydrated.  A dry mouth is a breeding ground for bad breathe.  Next, mints and mouthwash are good, but they're only temporary fixes.  Try green tea and cinnamon.  Also try eating crisp fruits and vegetables like celery or apples.  Via CNN

Playboy Mansion Outbreak
There is reportedly an outbreak at the Playboy Mansion...and its probably not what you're thinking.  According to the LA Times, dozens of people attending an event at the mansion got sick earlier this month.  They complained of respiratory issues, flu symptoms and pneumonia!  Some of those who got sick suspected a fog machine.  A rep for Playboy told the New York Post that QUOTE "There is no truth to the rumor that anyone caught anything at the Playboy Mansion."  They're cooperating fully with the health department.  Via LA Times

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February 9th, 2011
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'You Choose' Winner and Losers

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Story 2 - Health care for free?

Story 3 - A burger challenge so extreme only 2 people have finished it!

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