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December 22nd, 2009
07:50 AM ET

Got Health Care Questions?

Post them here. We’ll answer as many as we can on the air this week.

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December 22nd, 2009
07:48 AM ET

Face a Court-Martial for Getting Pregnant?

The General in charge of northern Iraq is issuing a new policy for soldiers who get pregnant or get a fellow soldier pregnant.

They will be punished and they could be court-martialed. (Pregnancy that results from a sexual assault would not be punished).

Maj. Gen. Anthony Cucolo says the policy will prevent the loss of additional soldiers at a time when troop strength is stretched thin (since pregnant soldiers are redeployed).

What do you think of this policy?

Post your comments here. Betty will read some of them during the 10am ET hour of Newsroom.

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December 21st, 2009
08:06 AM ET

Your Travel Horror Stories

The weekend’s huge snowstorm meant hundreds of cancelled flights and thousands of ruined travel plans.

If you’re suffering in an airport terminal, or suffering at home after cancelling your trip, we want to hear from you.

Post your travel horror stories below. Heidi will read some of them on the air in the 10am ET hour of Newsroom.

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December 18th, 2009
08:57 AM ET

Controversial Abortion Law

An Oklahoma judge is reviewing a controversial abortion law today.

The law would allow information to be posted online about every woman who gets an abortion.

It would also require doctors to fill out a questionnaire documenting the race, marital status, and educational background of the abortion seeker…and the reason why she wanted the procedure.

But the information posted online would not reveal the patient’s name.

Supporters say it sets up a database that could help prevent future unwanted pregnancies.

Opponents call it an invasion of privacy – and say people may be able to figure out a woman’s identity even without her name.

What do you think about the law?

Post your comments here. Heidi will read some of them on the air in the 10am ET hour of Newsroom.

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December 17th, 2009
09:13 AM ET

Holiday Spending

A new CNN/Opinion Research shows 49% of Americans are spending less on holiday gifts this year than they did last year. And 68% of Americans are buying gifts that people need rather than gifts people might just enjoy.

Have your shopping habits changed this holiday season? How?

Post your comments below and Heidi will read some of them on the air during the 10am ET hour of Newsroom.

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December 16th, 2009
08:12 AM ET

TIME's Person of the Year: Ben Bernanke

TIME Magazine named Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke its Person of the Year for 2009.

What do you think of the choice? Anyone you think it should have been instead?

Post away – and Heidi will read some of your comments during the 10am ET hour of the Newsroom.

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December 15th, 2009
08:38 AM ET

Massive Recall

More than 50 million window blinds are being recalled after multiple reports of babies and toddlers dying from strangulation. The problem, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is caused by a space between the inner cord and the shade fabric on Roman shades. And on roll-up blinds – a large loop at the end of the cord can strangle young children. 5 children have died of strangulation from the Roman shades since 2006. And 3 children died from the roll-up blinds’ hazard since 2000.

Our question: Is a massive recall like this needed to protect children – or is simple common sense enough?

Post your comments here and Heidi will read some of them on the air.

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December 15th, 2009
07:07 AM ET

Gitmo Detainees in Your Backyard?

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and Sen. Richard Durbin head to the White House today. They’ll firm up plans to move about 100 Guantanamo detainees to the Thomson Correctional Center in Thomson, Illinois. The deal could provide up to 2,000 jobs and up to $1 billion in federal money to the area.

Our question: would you want Guantanamo detainees moved to prisons near your home?

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December 14th, 2009
07:55 AM ET

Tiger Woods' Sponsors

On Friday, Tiger Woods said he’d be taking "an indefinite break from professional golf."

On Sunday, Accenture became the first major sponsor to drop him.

"Given the circumstances of the last two weeks, after careful consideration and analysis, the company has determined that he is no longer the right representative for its advertising," Accenture said in a statement posted on its web site.

Another major sponsor, Gillette, said Saturday it was "limiting" Woods' role in its marketing programs to give him the privacy to work on family relationships.

Prior to Friday's announcement, Woods’ sponsors, which include Gillette, Nike, Gatorade and Electronic Arts, had pledged their support of Woods and decided to keep the golfer as their spokesman.

Here’s our question – if you were one of these companies that sponsors Tiger Woods, what would you do?

Post your comments here. Heidi will read some of them in the 10a hour of the Newsroom.

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December 11th, 2009
09:57 AM ET

Pregnant Hero: Woman Helps Pull Teens off Officer

A Texas woman says it was a gut reaction when she jumped into action and tried to help save a police officer.

Angela Gutierrez, who is nine months pregnant, was driving down the road with her husband and child, when she saw a group of teens attack a police officer.

Gutierrez rushed over and helped pull the teens off the officer. The incident was caught on the officer’s dashcam camera.

The pregnant woman says she felt like she had to help.

The teens took off running but were captured a few days later. A judge set each of their bonds at more than three million dollars.

We want to know what you think.

Would you try to help if you saw a teenager beating up an officer? Or do you think this woman took way too many risks?

Post your comments and Heidi will read some of them in the CNN Newsroom from 9am to 11am

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