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April 30th, 2009
10:30 AM ET

Survival of the Fittest Series

By Amy Chillag
Writer/Segment Producer
CNN Newsroom AM w/Tony Harris

I decided to launch this “Survival of the Fittest” Series to show how smart entrepreneurs are coming up with inventive ways to beat the recession.

We’re hearing so much doom and gloom lately about layoffs but there are silver linings to this economic downturn.

In this piece, a successful realtor and single mom was selling fewer and fewer houses. It was a tough time for her, so for therapy and fun (and because she had time on her hands) she started to paint with her children. She was soon “discovered” and now she’s a fulltime artist whose pieces can be found in five galleries around the country. She found her true passion and calling because of the recession.

Friday Preview: Tomorrow we interview an entrepreneur who hit it big with an upscale potato chip company—then became the local advice-guy for dozens of budding entrepreneurs. He hung out at coffee shops where people tracked him down for tips and emotional support. So, to make it official, in the middle of the recession he formed a company called “Idea Ocean”. Now he’s getting paid to give advice. And he has valuable tips for any of you aspiring entrepreneurs out there with big ideas.

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