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June 22nd, 2010
08:29 AM ET

Cop arrests man, man was rushing wife to ER

Wednesday night, Jessie Wright noticed his wife showing possible signs of a stroke and immediately rushed her to the hospital. Wright says he was cautious on the drive—using his emergency lights and honking his horn. However, he may not have been cautious enough.

Officer James Daves of the Chattanooga police says he saw Wright speeding and run several red lights that nearly caused a collision.

Walking into the hospital while carrying his wife, who lost her leg to cancer, Officer Daves confronted Wright. In front of several medical assistant programs staff, allegedly the officer referred to Wright with an obscenity and said “ he would send him to jail”. After spending the night with his wife, Wright tried to turn himself in to the police, but was told there was no warrant for the arrest. The next day, Wright was brought into the Hamilton County Jail and then released on $7500 bail – with 7 felony charges.

Wright thinks that Officer Daves’ actions put his wife’s health in danger.

Police say Officer Daves is currently on a paid administrative leave pending further investigation.

Did the officer cross the line by arresting Wright?

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