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January 23rd, 2012
07:39 PM ET

Tuskegee Airmen story on big screen

CNN's Fredricka Whitfield previews "Red Tails" and speaks to 92-year-old Tuskegee pilot Bob Friend.

November 27th, 2011
06:38 PM ET

Tape apparently reveals Fine's wife knew of alleged abuse

It’s a shocking audiotaped conversation between an alleged child sex abuse victim and the wife of accused offender Syracuse University Associate Head Basketball Coach Bernie Fine. ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” aired the audiotape some 8 years after first receiving it.
In the conversation, ESPN reports, Laurie Fine admits she knew about her husband's alleged activities, even on one occasion witnessing him allegedly abuse a boy. CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield talks to ESPN’s Mark Schwarz, who broke the story.

June 16th, 2010
07:49 AM ET

Police punches 17-year-old girl during confrontation

A Seattle police officer tries to cite a group of women for jaywalking and the situation escalates into a pretty ugly scene that’s all caught on tape. You see the officer punch a 17-year old girl in the face as well as the teen pushing the officer as he tries to arrest her. Now, there’s a lot controversy surrounding the incident.

Take a look at tape and see how it all plays out and then tell us what you think. We’ll share some of your thoughts during the 10 o’clock hour of CNN Newsroom.

January 29th, 2010
12:45 PM ET

Apple's New Toy: the iPad

Not since Moses came down from the mountain has the arrival of a tablet been so highly anticipated.  Steve Jobs unveiled Apple's iPad this week to mixed reviews.  With a price point to rival netbooks,  many wonder what it will do to shake up the personal computing scene.  Not to mention the threat is poses to e-readers.   Businesses are lining up to develop apps to feature their products on the iPad as it pushes the envelope of the digital frontier.   Another worry, what impact will it have on the already struggling print industry, since the device is likely to accelerate the shift away from traditional newspaper and magazine consumption in favor of digital content.

This weekend tech guru, Jose Antonio Vargas, and publishing expert, David Carr,  will look at the pros and cons of the new iPad with our Fredricka Whitfield.

  • What do you think?
  • If you have iPad questions that you would like our guests to answer, let us know. We will read some of them on the air this Saturday at 3pm ET.