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February 11th, 2010
02:28 PM ET


Your Money Matters, and this weekend Personal Finance Editor Gerri Willis will be taking your questions!

– The commercials say mobile phone prices are going down; but you may soon see your bill going up!
What can you do to save money?

– That used car you just bought is one of the recalled Toyota's!
How can you tell if the recall fix works?

– It's Tax Time; and with the new year comes new changes.
Who can you trust to get your taxes done right?

– It doesn't just happen to other people, identity fraud is on the rise!
What are some things you can do to protect your privacy?

Just Ask? Gerri Willis and Fredricka Whitfield discuss your money matters Saturday at 2p in the Newsroom. Send us your questions, and Gerri might answer them on the air!

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