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December 1st, 2014
06:16 PM ET

"Killer Mike": Officer Wilson is a liar

CNN's Brooke Baldwin interviews rapper Killer Mike who reveals what he would like to say to Officer Darren Wilson.

December 1st, 2014
06:10 PM ET

Rapper "Killer Mike" on Ferguson decision: 'I cried like a baby'

CNN's Brooke Baldwin interviews rapper Killer Mike on his reaction once the Ferguson decision was announced.

August 25th, 2014
08:46 PM ET

Are feds showing bias in Brown case?

Ana Cabrera talks with her legal panel about whether the Justice department is showing bias in the Michael Brown case.

August 11th, 2014
10:09 PM ET

St. Louis NAACP: Michael Brown shooting a national problem

CNN's Brooke Baldwin talks to John Gaskin of the St. Louis NAACP about the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.