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May 8th, 2009
01:53 PM ET

Summer Movie Blockbusters

Summer is right around the corner, but we're already getting a taste of those blockbuster movies. The latest Star Trek flick is now playing on the big screen. It's just one of many big films coming to a theater near you this summer.

New Star Trek Movie

Angels and Demons with Tom Hanks, Terminator Salvation with Christian Bale and Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince are just a few more of those highly anticipated movies. There’s a lot hype surrounding many of these flicks, and many of us inlcuding myself have high hopes this summer. So which movies will be box office standouts worth the price of admission? Betty gets the scoop from Thom Geier, a Senior Editor at Entertainment Weekly magazine. Personally, I can’t wait to see Star Trek. How about you? What summer movies are you excited about? Tell us. We want to hear from you. Join us in the CNN Newsroom Saturday starting at 6am ET/3am PT.